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Leighanne Coxall

Leighanne is our new editor. That means she will help me out from news to guides/reviews. A helping hand is always welcome and Leighanne is a perfect fit for this site since she’s in a good relationship with simmers! Hear what she has to say:

Hello everyone!
First of all, I want to thank Jovan for giving me an amazing opportunity to write for this site.
I shall be helping out with guides and reviews, which shall be fun to do!
I’ve been a Simmer since the first game came out, although I didn’t have the PC version due to having no PC at the time. I had the good old console versions, which really wasn’t too bad if you gave it a chance.
One of my favourite things about The Sims is that it’s a game that just goes on and on, there is so much to do!
Another favourite thing about The Sims is the community! I have made quite a few friends and it’s great to have people to talk to who loves the franchise just as much as I do.
I can’t wait to start this journey on the site. 🙂

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