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SimGuruLauren and SimGuruBritt are no longer working at EA

SimGuruLauren and SimGuruBritt announced on Twitter that they are no longer working at EA. They didn’t mention the reason why, but we presume that it’s because EA Salt Lake is now focused on Mobile games and not on The Sims Franchise.

We wish you best of luck in the future, Lauren and Brittany!



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  • :-(( This is really sad. I loved those gals. I’ll miss’em.

  • So sad 😥 I miss them already 😥

  • Lina

    SimGuruLauren was my favourite of all gurus. Why they fireing so many of gurus? Really sad and mad on EA!

  • Keltboy

    … Great, Fishkebab is having a hay-day with all these people getting fired.

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