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The Sims 4 – New Concept Art + New Info Tidbits

Canard’s PC Magazine included some new info and a new Concept Art in their Latest Issue. Check out all the important tidbits they mentioned about The Sims 4 and take a look at Willow Creek’s gorgeous Concept Art:

1. You can class clothes by color, style or even research “by text”.
2. New walk style : happy.
3. If a gourmet sim eats a hot-dog he’ll be unhappy but will be able to eat and to cook a “tournedos”.
4.To relax a stressed sim you can make him take a relaxing bath to calm him.
5. You can put pictures on the wall without being in build/buy mode. 
6. A happy sim will paint a “happy” picture; the mood of the sims who will watch the picture afterwards will feel happy too.
7. A cause will always have the same effect.
8. Each emotion has its own little music.


Thanks SimCookie for the find and Honeywell for translation!

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