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The Community: The Sims 3 Version of Strangetown by CAW Blog!


Create A World Blog recreated Strangetown, a desert world originally made for The Sims 2. This extended version of Strangetown includes some Custom Content, as well as a pre-populated neighborhood.


You’ll only need The Sims 3 Base Game updated to at least 1.63 version.

For more information about this World and how to download it, click HERE!

If you’re not convinced enough to download this World, you can check out Joewaaaayyy‘s Strangetown World Review down below!

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Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I've been a Sims player for over 10 years and counting! My free time is usually spent in writing articles, graphic design and activism.


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  • I wish he would put it on the sims 3 website as I done that website b4 and got a really bad virus 🙁 also do u need The CC( what I mean by that will it make the game very different without that cc ?) 🙂 🙂