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The Sims 4 – CAS Demo Early Access Signup ends tomorrow!

The Sims DE Facebook Page announced that the Early Access Signup for The Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo ends tomorrow. According to them, you’ll still be able to register today. If you don’t send your application by tomorrow and/or don’t receive the Demo, don’t worry; everyone will be able to play the Demo later this Summer (before The Sims 4 releases).

Click on the picture below to register for the CAS Demo Early Access! (right side of the site)


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  • I would be delighted too get the sims 4 cas demo. I am obsessed with the sims 3 i literly play it all day till like midnight. Its my favorite game just for the fact that it full of creativity and real life situation. So i hope this helps you a bit and thanks for reading i hope you put me under consideration. 😀 🙂

  • Hi ! Would love to have the sims cas demo! I have waited for the demo many days now !! I would love to have it beacuse I love to make sims :inlove:

  • I’d be so happy to have the CAS demo for the Sims 4! Everything sims 4 is so exciting- some CC creators even stopped making sims 3 custom content and started on Sims 4 CC! I’d be so happy to expiriemenring some of the sims 4! I bought it yesterday off of Amazon, so excited for September! Thank you so much for doing all these giveaways! It’s really sweet of you guys!

  • I Hope I will get the demo, I signed up today again. The first time was two weeks ago and still nothing… I’m a simmer since The Sims, so it would be nice if EA would appreciate that.

  • I really want the demo! I’ve been watching a lot of create a sims and it looks amazing! The CAS looks way better than The Sims 3, I really want to try out the female hair. I’ve been waiting for weeks now and I’d really appreciate it if the demo would pop up in Origin or my email. I can’t wait until September the game it’s self is amazing. :-))

  • I really want to get The sims 4 demo and try it out. I recorded many times, but I have nothing. My joy would be no limit.. 😥 :weep:

    Would absolutely love to try the CAS demo of The Sims 4!


  • Came here thanks to Pewdiepie cx Would be great to try out the Sims 4 Create A Sim myself. Looks amazing 😀

  • I been here playing sims since the very fist one, if I got sims 4..idek what I’d do. Probably be on it literally all day haha!!