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First Sims 4 Teen and Baby Sims on the Gallery (Creator’s Camp Creations)

Another busy day at the Sims 4 Creator’s Camp has given us a peek at the two rarely seen live stages!

AsiaShaMecca of ISSUU/SF Magazine uploaded this family with a baby to the Gallery! Sadly babies aren’t shown in the available
household as Sims so we couldn’t get a closer look. Still, very cute! That onesie! Are we able to change a baby’s clothes now?


Next, Do you spy the teen in this household? You might be surprised!

Daniel of uploaded this family to the gallery including a very stylish teen.

There she is!


What do you think of the new babies and teens? I’m liking those galaxy leggings! Very cute! 

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  • DarkAuthor13


  • Bob

    Uggh. The teens are way too tall 😐

  • Sarah restell

    Hope that we get to have the option to change the babies into other clothes and have other stuff but I do hope you do put toddlers back in the game couldn’t care if no pools

  • David

    I thought that the teen was the man, I wish they had something on the skin or body that would make them look as teens, I Really thought that the girl who is the teen was the mother….

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  • jenny

    The babies are scary.

  • Liz w.

    Hmmm, I have to agree the teens do seem slightly too tall. Although I do see the youthful look of a teen still being portrayed at least.

  • CFluelling

    Even though I use my mom’s origin, I was thinking…. probably add the other Life Stages on the demo so then once when the people who pre-ordered or just waited, then They can already have the kids in their family and not have to go through the process of makin’ babies ?:-)