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Confirmed: No family trees in The Sims 4!


Update: This has nothing to do with relationships between Sims in the game. There will still be Brothers, Cousins, Grandfathers etc. (See the Full List). The thing that we won’t have is the Family Tree User Interface that shows all the Sims that are currently living (and who are dead) who belong and/or are a part of that family.

Pic from The Sims 3 Forum


Crinrict, SimTimes & @Renssies confirmed that during The Sims 4 Presentation in Germany, SimGuruLyndsay told them that there are NO Family Trees in The Sims 4! Kinda a let down, don’t you think? :/


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      • I think Accalia is confused about how family relationships will be established if a family tree isn’t present in the game. I’m really confused as to why this isn’t going to be implemented into the base game at all. Sims will remember memories you assign to them but they can’t keep track of family members?

  • I don’t quite understand why they wouldn’t include it. If I am correct, The Sims has always had family trees. What did they do that they couldn’t get family trees into the game? Is this new system of Sims really too complex?

  • I’m sorry I don’t see what the big deal is? When they say family tree do they mean the little icon to see the connections of your sims? the panel? or is it something more complex that I’m not getting? 😛

  • Very strange O.o Hopefully they’ll incorporate eventually but if not it’s not a big deal to me. It is very odd though that they couldn’t even put family trees in. Maybe the new system really is too complex to fit that in yet.

  • You all seem to have the wrong idea!! The family tree portrait is not in the game! The game still recognizes “sons”, “daughters”, “mom”, “dad”, etc.

  • Ugh this is a very terrible news for a legacy players like me, how will we remember the long dead families? Their ghosts?? Oh wait a second, there is also no ghosts!!

    • The ghosts I could care less about, but the family tree?! I NEED that, especially since I love having generations upon generations of Sims. From what I’ve read, this is just another detail they forgot to add and would be easily patched in. It wasn’t something that was intentionally cut.

  • Am not sure.How to re-act to this bit of news. I would have to see how it effect the game. But,as long as my sim smart enough to know not to merry their Cousins am ok with it.

  • Why is everyone freaking out?? The ONLY. Sims game to have this feature was the sims 2 and it really isn’t that important. It still recognises mums dads daughters sons (I’m assuming like the sims 1 & 3 where it says under their pic in the friends section)

    • TS3 had family trees as well. In fact, there is a picture of a TS3 family tree in the post you’re commenting on :p

      This is a big deal for a lot of people, and I don’t understand why you would begrudge them that. It is a very basic and, until now, standard feature that helps people keep track of extended family in generational gameplay. It’s especially very important for sims who play the field and might have children with several partners. So, yeah, you may not miss it. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to complain about the way this game seems to have shifted its focus from family related gameplay to young adults and partying.

  • I don’t think the freakout is solely about this. There are many, many things being omitted. I’m also pretty sure Sims 3 has the feature.

    * We are back to just flat lots. There are no hills.
    * Babies are now just part of a basinet object. They are no longer sims in themselves. Not until they become children (this part is fine with me because dealing with babies is fucking annoying).
    * Back to no basements.
    * No Swimming.
    * And the worst offender: No Story progression. That means that aside from other sims in the neighborhood ageing, they don’t have kids, move, get new jobs, etc.

    So this isn’t just a case of, “Oh, they decided not to do the Family Trees.” as much as it is one more thing to add to the list of things that have been removed from the experience. When you consider that now you only get access to a few lots without a loading screen, what is the big advancement here? When you release a new version of a game, it should be made better. Obviously you can’t keep all the expansion content in the base game, that’s just impossible, but they are taking out some very fundamental things, and I think it’s starting to wear on the fans. There is actually a list of like 90 things that has been compiled that is removed from the game, and it’s not even expansion content.

    The whole thing is certainly making me regret pre-ordering through Origin. With all the news I’m hearing, I might just prefer to keep playing 3.

  • This pisses me off. What if I want to show off all of the work I’ve done and look through the memories I made with past Sims? Now I can’t.

  • Is there no way to relate in laws? Or if your uncle gets married it’s not your aunt? I”m confused. AND VERY UPSET about the family tree. I am also a generational sim lover. I love to see my generations and who was the great great grandmother.