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The Sims 4 – 3 Full Simlish Pop Songs!

With some help from @Jessamica92, we managed to extract every single Simlish song and soundtrack from The Sims 4 (thanks to Origin’s Pre-Load).

We don’t plan to post every single song from the game, but I think you’ll be just satisfied with 3 Pop Songs that were used in older The Sims 4 Trailers. I recommend that you listen to Obrayzow first, and you’ll know why the minute you start playing it! 😀

Enjoy these Songs and make sure you’re prepared for The Sims 4 – less than 3 days left!

More soundtrack coming soon on SimTunesSoundtrack belongs to EA/Maxis

Jace Jupiter – Obrayzow

Bella Red – Believe in Love

Kari Kimmel – Who I Am

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