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The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Resize Objects

The Sims 4 introduces a brand new way for you to play with objects! Each object lets you resize them and scale them however you want.

Let’s try this trick with Bleep the Robot – a miniature plastic toy for Kids!

TS4 2014-09-03 22-32-32-01

To resize an object, simply select an object you want and press ”Shift + ]”. You can make enlarged objects smaller by pressing ”Shift + [”.

TS4 2014-09-03 22-32-51-82 TS4 2014-09-03 22-33-02-52

As long as the object is not bigger than your Lot, you can make it as much big as you want it to be!

TS4 2014-09-03 22-33-28-55 TS4 2014-09-03 22-34-03-01

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