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The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to modify Relationship Points

There are 2 relationship types in The Sims 4: Friendship Relationship and Romance Relationship.

Each Relationship type functions with points that your Sims either receive or lose by communicating (or not) with each other.

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You can add and remove these Relationship Points with cheats as well if you hate waiting.

To do so, open up your cheat console by pressing CTRL + Shift + C keyboard buttons. In the Cheat Console, you’ll need to write up a cheat that includes both names and last names of your two Sims:

modifyrelationship Princess Ess Sean Sullivan 80 romance_main


Dark Blue – Cheat’s base

Green – First and last name of your Sim #1

Blue – First and last name of your Sim #2

Red – Relationship points

Orange – type of relationship; friendship_main for a friendly relationship and romance_main for a romantic relationship

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This cheat also functions for Sims that are not on your lot.

You can also add Sims and modify the Relationship Points for Sims who are not in your Relationships list, as long as they’re moved in in one of the Worlds.

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  • This has never worked for me. I tried it with testingcheats on, without it, and re-entering testingcheats on afterward. I quadruple checked spelling, spaces, capital letters, and everything. I tried it with my sim first, then the other sim. NOTHING works. Other cheats work, but nothing to do with relationship bars works.

    Any tips? Please?

    • You have to wait a moment, I had this problem too. If waiting doesn’t help the problem, try this cheat: relationships.introduce_sim_to_all_others. if that one works it means one cheat works with relationships. If that one doesnt works I dont what will. Good luck! 🙂

      • HAHA, the proper code is “testingcheats true”, as you said. but he wasnt saying that he used the code “testingcheats on”,. No No No. he was saying he tried it with the testingcheats true code running

    • The ‘testingcheats’ command is actually a Boolean variable meaning it’s binary in the sense that it can only have two possible values which happen to be “true” or “false”. It doesn’t literally have to be the words true or false. Any of these work just fine:

      1. ‘testingcheats true/false’
      2. ‘testingcheats on/off’
      3. ‘testingcheats 1/0’

      As far as the command ‘modifyrelationship’ goes, there’s a few things you can check to see if they might be what the problem is. Some of the stuff you might have already checked, but I’ll list in case anyone else is having issues. Sorry about the long-winded post below, I just wanted to make sure to cover all bases

      1. ‘Testingcheats’ absolutely has to be enabled for this to work, it will not work without it. It should notify you when it’s properly enabled.

      2. Nothing in the command needs to be capitalized, so if it helps just type it all in lower case.

      3. As far as I can tell, the only values that you can enter for the relationship points is between -100 and 100. If you’re trying above or below them it will fail.

      4. If you’re trying to make the person your enemy you’ll use the friendship_main type and a negative point value, but be aware if you’re currently friends you might have to mess around with the relationship point number to get the desired amount of hate/friendship.

      5. If either sim has more than one first or last name (hyphenated doesn’t count, has to be a physical space) make sure to put quotes around the names. Example of that would be:

      First sim’s name: Bob Charles Smith
      Second sim’s name: Carl Smith

      You would want to type this:
      Modifyrelationship “bob charles smith” “carl smith” 100 friendship_main (make sure to put each sim’s name in a quote)

      An issue I specifically had was with one Sim getting the relationship and not the other. If this happens, you’ll probably need to re-enter the command and swap the two sim’s names around.

      Modifyrelationship Sim One Sim Two 100 friendship_main

      *If you check Sim One’s relationships, Sim Two should be there with a maxed friendship bar, however if you’re currently playing as Sim Two and check the relationships, Sim One will not have changed, basically just re-enter the above command but swap around the two sims*

      Again, really sorry that this response is super long, but if anyone is still having issues just feel free to reply and I’ll see if I can help.

  • So I think I found a similar way to modify relationships on accident. With ‘testingcheats on’ I went into the relationship tab and right-clicked on a sim and it told me I could input relationship values

    • It seems to effect both sims at the sam time, but it requires the romance bar to be there before that part can be changed

  • I tried to use the romance one and it worked PERFECTLY! But then I tried to use the friendship one and it didn’t so I’m confused, but thank you sooo much!