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The Sims 4 Update: Move Lot Build Feature

The new Update now allows you to move your entire Lot (not just the House).

To start playing with this feature, open the Move Lot & House section (icon with 4 arrows) and select Move Lot.

TS4 2015-03-26 20-58-09-23

This feature is more fun to showcase with a House bigger than the Lot itself, so we’re going to use the Yuma Heights 40×30 House on a 30×20 lot.

TS4 2015-03-26 21-09-45-16

As you can see on the picture below, the House is too big for the Lot, but you’re still able to move it around, rotate and place it.

TS4 2015-03-26 21-09-55-36

The green blueprints show objects and rooms that will be implemented into the lot, while the objects and rooms highlighted with yellow won’t be plopped on your lot.

03-26-15_9-10 PM

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