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(CLOSED) Anniversary Giveaway: Win Sims Games!


The winners of this giveaway are:

  1. The Sims 4 Get to Work (donated by Sims4Thoddy) – Julie R.
  2. The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat (donated by Sims4Thoddy) – IK-Kew
  3. The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff (donated by Sims4Thoddy) – Malin Andreasson
  4. The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff (donated by Sims4Thoddy) – Harriet
  5. The Sims 4 Base Game Digital Deluxe (donated by SpaceSimming) – Samantha Garman
  6. The Sims 4 Base Game (donated by Sims4Thoddy) – Tracey Ward


To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is write a comment in the comment section below.

The winner will be chosen randomly via We’ll make sure to provide a screenshot after the winner has been chosen.

This giveaway ends on 7th of June, 2015. Winners will be announced 5-7 days after.

Before entering this giveaway, please note:

  • This Giveaway is worldwide.
  • There will be 6 winners of this giveaway.
  • These are digital codes that you can redeem on Origin.
  • Person who’s #1 on the will win Get to Work, person who’s #2 wins Outdoor Retreat and so on.
  • Make sure you provide a correct E-Mail address when writing a comment!
  • If you make a mistake in your original comment and/or want to add something, just write a reply to your existing comment.
  • In case you can’t submit your comment, contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you!
  • In case your comment doesn’t get submitted right away, it means you’re commenting on our site for the first time. Don’t worry, we will approve your comment as soon as possible!
  • Cheating is NOT allowed! If you try to represent as someone just so you have a bigger shot of winning, you will be disqualified.
  • Foul language is NOT allowed!
  • In case the winner doesn’t reply 48 hours after we publish the results, we’ll pick another person on list.

Good luck! :D

About the author

Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I've been a Sims player for over 10 years and counting! My free time is usually spent in writing articles, graphic design and activism.

  • Christiana

    Another giveaway awesome XD I would to get the outdoor retreat but I know it’s random anyway thank you again 🙂

  • Marina Bellvert Tulla

    Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary! Good luck to everyone <3

  • GhostlyBentley

    Good luck everyone!

  • Natia Zawacki

    Good luck 🙂

  • Dimas_UA

    Good luck! Everyone!

  • Adan Gonzalez

    Hey guys I’m just new to the sims games, & I only have the base game and the GTW expansion back, and I really want the OutDoor Retreat pack, so I’m praying that I hope I win & and good luck to everyone

  • Matheus Kowalski

    Good luck everyone!

  • Chloe B

    Good Luck everyone!! 🙂 thank you so much for the giveaway

  • Jasmine Adjallah

    It would be awesome if I could win the base game! I absolutely love TS4!

  • Shawn Colapietro

    Hey! I have two questions. How many times can we comment? what if my email i used for this isn’t the same as the one I use for Origin? (This is also my entry)

    • Jovan

      You can post your comment only once. It doesn’t matter which E-Mail you use for your Origin, we just need a valid E-Mail address so we can send a registration code properly.

  • malin andreasson

    Weeeiiii hoping for luxury stuff pack

  • Sophie Green

    Happy anniversary for 2 years! Thanks for giveaway!

  • Wow! If you win I have the sims 4 base .. I hope to win or expansion or stuff packs or game pack

  • Serkan Göksel

    Hope i win this one

  • Wow! If you win I have the sims 4 base .. I hope to win or expansion or stuff packs or game pack!

  • Sofia N

    Happy Anniversary 🙂

  • juanok1020

    Happy anniversary!

  • Samantha Garman

    Awesome another giveaway! It would be amazing if I win either outdoor retreat or luxury party

  • Patrykus

    Get lucky everyone! 🙂

  • MrKopytko

    Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Dinha

    Happy anniversary! 🙂 Good Luck Everyone 😀

  • Sebek

    WOW thanks Sims4Thoddy. 😀

  • Noor S.

    I don’t know what to write but thanks for donating these games and I hope I win at least something! Good luck everyone

  • Andrew Moon

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Dinha

    Happy anniversary! 🙂 Good Luck Everyone 😀 😀 😀

  • Happy Anniversary and good luck everyone 🙂

  • Filipe

    Happy Anniversary! Good Luck 😀

  • Wyatt Games

    Hey! Good luck to everyone! I already have get to work and outdoor retreat but I am entering to win luxury party stuff

  • Simona

    amazing hope i ll win

  • Lucy

    I would love to win Luxury Party Stuff! Ty to everyone who donated! Happy Simming and good luck to everyone!!

  • Angel

    Woo happy anniversary!

  • Anny

    Happy two year anniversary

  • Alyssa

    Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for the giveaway!

  • Luisa Al

    Good Luck everyone!

  • Trevor Colas

    Happy Birthday! Thanks a lot for doing this giveaway! I hope I win Outdoor Retreat! Good luck to everyone!

  • Ana Teresa

    Happy 2nd anniversary! 😀 and Thank you so much for the awsome giveaway!

    Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • Madison Oliver

    I really really want to win the Luxury Party Stuff Pack from here!

  • I really want Luxary party stuff so I really hope I win dat one

  • Kathryn Hewette

    I’d really like to win Get To Work… Happy 2 year anniversary! ☺️

  • Ryan broadhead

    Happy 2 years guys

  • Maciej

    happy 2 years congrats <3

  • Cartier Bengochea

    Good luck everyone and thank you Sims4Thoddy and SpaceSimming for donating.

    Happy Simming!

  • Gamer

    I would like to have the base game i dont have it yet

    But my luck seem to be Aginst me so i guess nothing to me lets hope not

  • Julia

    Happy 2 year anniversary! Good luck everyone 😀

  • Angel Montufar

    Hope I win! Goodluck to everyone who entered and thank you for doing this giveaway

  • Nguyen Tran

    Happy 2nd anniversary!

  • Ashley Cummings

    ::: (\_(\ …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
    *: (=’ :’) ::::::::Cool Happy Anniversary!:::::::::::
    •.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*

  • Thoddy you are amazing! Thank you! happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nguyen Tran

    Cool <3

  • Natalie Medina

    Yay! I really want to win OR because its the only one I don;t have, but I know it’s random :P. Happy anniversary!!

  • Tamara Malik

    Good luck everyone!

  • Cristhofer Vargas Jiménez

    Hi, I will love to add new content to my game. Thanks Thoddy and SpaceSimming. Good luck!

  • Petar Cacanoski

    Happy Anniversery!Good luck everyone! 😀

  • Luck!

  • Adilson Leão

    Thanks and good luck.

  • Elias943

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Jokotor

    Thanks, good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Jamie Ortiz

    Good luck to all of you who had comented

  • OMG! Thanks! Good luck everyone!!!!

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    This would be so awesome!

  • Patryk

    Thanks for wonderful giveaway! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And good luck everybody!

  • Rachel

    Good luck

  • Chris L.

    Thanks so much for donating it. Good luck everyone.

  • Katie Ball

    Congratulations! Good luck everyone!

  • Judy Hanscome

    Good luck everyone. I just need that Luxury Party stuff for my sims collection. 🙂

  • Good Luck Everyone 🙂

  • SimmyBN

    Congrats on 2 years! Here’s to many more! Thanks for the giveaway and thanks Thoddy for being So generous! Good luck everyone!

  • Jessica Meyer

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Ahmad Waliyur Rahman

    I Hope I Win, Amen 🙂

    By The Way, Happy Anniversary SimsCommunity!! <3

  • Al

    Happy Anniversary! Good luck everyone!

  • Camila Maruchan

    COOL *-*

  • Raiza Perez

    Happy anniversary to Sims Community 🙂

  • Gaspar

    Thank you Thoddy and the Community!! Good luck everyone! And Happy Anniversary 😀

  • Ed Bogucz

    Got to get luxury party stuff and would love to gift my brother The Sims 4!

  • @MartinCenturio

    Great! Good luck everyone! ThankS!

  • Henrique Ribeiro

    Thanks Thoddy. I hope I win this time!

  • Mauricio Carrasco

    Thanks for this opportunity! Good luck to everyone! 😀

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    Wooohooo Good luck all!!!!

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    Good Luck everyone and happy anniversary 😀

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    Good luck everyone!

  • Adrian Su

    Good luck everyone!

  • jasmine

    Oh amazing. I have been a fan for sims for years . but I don’t have the sims 4:( I really love it , its amazing, good luck all

  • emily ripley

    I wish i never gett that lucky

  • Gustavo Daniels

    First of all, happy two years Sims Community! Such a big pleasure being a SC’s reader since 2013! Thanks Thoddy and SpaceSimming for this opportunity to win those packs! 😀

  • Crosimmer

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway 😀

  • Sarah Alia

    Here’s for trying! Good luck all!

  • Chris

    Hi i want to participate good luck to everyone 🙂

  • Trinity Padilla

    Happy Anniversary! Good Luck guys!

  • Julia Kahmann

    Thanks for hosting this! good luck to all!

  • Nikola

    Good luck everyone!

  • Shadowsong

    Thank you Sims4Thoddy and SpaceSimming!
    I already have the base game, so if I happen to win it, please give it to someone who’ll need it more.

  • happy anniversary! Good luck everyone,
    Thanks Thoddy

  • Kinga Skarżyńska

    Good luck!!!

  • Harry Lacey

    Thanks so much thoddy for the donations, hope I win Outdoor Retreat or Luxury Stuff 🙂

  • I need outdoor retreat and luxury parte (origin is being a biatch)

  • Meghan Massa

    Good Luck! 🙂 I would really like to add more new awesome content to my game. All I have is the base game and GTW.

  • Andrea Boulenc

    Thank you for the giveaway! Very nice 🙂 Congratulations.

    I really hope for the Luxury Party Stuff!

    Good Luck everyone <3

  • ardatnbr

    Thanks for giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  • Mirjam Daljevec

    Happy anniversary !!!
    Good luck to every1 🙂

  • Ilaria

    A very very very big thank you to Thoddy for all those donations and good luck to all the takers! =)

  • Jacob_Frittata

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone & big thanks to Thoddy 🙂

  • marypa

    Thank you for the opportunity! <3

  • Pepe Lúa

    Thank you for the opportunity, i hope i can get the sims 4 luxury party stuff. Congrats for this 2 years!

  • cmrggamer

    I would love to win OR! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jacob G

    Thank you and congrats on 2 years 😀

  • Piroon Tantayakul

    Thank you for the opportunity

  • Myrrr

    Hey! Congratulations for your anniversary! Thank you for this giveaway where I hope to win The Sims 4 Get to Work or The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff 8D

  • Chioma Nwizu

    Congratulations on 2 years, and cool giveaway!

  • Jacqueline Ng

    Happy 2 years anniversary simscommunity!!! Thank you for giving us this opportunity 😀 And also thank you Sims4Thoddy & SpaceSimming for sponsoring the games ^_^

  • Amy Snyder

    Wow! That sounds like fun!!

  • Ah worldwide :3 Happy birthday SimsCommunity!!! Wish you all the best! XD

  • Bianca W

    This is so great! Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more to come. 🙂

  • IK-Kew

    Love me Love My Sims <3

    Give meeee -3-

  • Ize

    I need to have The sims 4.

  • Weranant Mudthong

    Thank you for the opportunity 😀

  • Party

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.

  • Charnwith Jakteerangkool

    Congratulations for your anniversary. Thank you Thoddy for donations

  • Nhật Linh

    This is awesome give away

    And Happy 2 years anniversary SimsCommunity!!! You’re the best ! 😀

  • Sakonkanjana Rienthong

    Congratulations on 2 years and Thank you for the opportunity! <3

  • Even I’m a loser on every giveaway I always try.. I will never give up just to get The Get To Work. Thank you Thoddy for another great giveaway your so generous.:)

  • Yammy

    Thank you for good activity

  • Tirawat Kokcharoensup

    Thank you Thoddy and Spacesimmer for this opportunity!
    I hope I will get some luck on GTW. XD
    Good Luck everyone!

  • phuphu

    happy birthday. last year is amazing for come up for news hight speed .

  • Lachlanricho

    Good luck guys!

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    I’m waiting for a long time. Thank you for free.

  • Thx. And congratulations .

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  • Thomas Parsons

    This is awesome, Happy Anniversary Sims Community! 😀

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    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for your opportunity! :3

  • Love The Sims4 so much…so happiily to share the happiness to you.

  • Mintana Kaewta

    Im happy

  • I hope I can have either Outdoor retreat or Luxury Party because i still dont have them :”D

  • Tal

    Very nice, I hope I will win the sims: get to work, good luck!

  • SpongKiE

    Happy anniversary SIMS Community! and Good luck everyone :]

  • lauryn sanchez

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck & big thanks to Thoddy. Happy 2 years anniversary simscommunity!

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    Happy Anniversary! Been coming here for a while to receive the latest Sims news! 🙂

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    good luck! 🙂

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    Thank you for this opportunity!!!!!!!

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    Good luck to all!

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    Happy 2 years anniversary Simscommunity!!! Thank you for this great opportunity.
    I hope I can have Luxury Party. :p

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    Thank you and congrats.

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    Happy Anniversary! thx for everything

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    Thank you for the opportunity

  • Awesome opportunity! Awesome giveaway! Happy Anniversary! Thank you!!!

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    WOW!! I hope this time I would win. thanks Simscomunity!! I’ve been followed you since your site was started.

  • Huge congrats for this goal! Best fansite ever!

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    Amazing, thank you very much, guys! 😀 Happy anniversary. 🙂

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    Well…here’s my comment. Good everyone.

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    Happy Birthday 🙂

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    Oh, awesome!
    Thanks everyone!

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    Good Luck and Thank You !!!!

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    Thank you so much for this giveaway and thanks to who donated
    I hope I can win one and good luck for everyone here

  • ricky

    I hope i got a luck to win

  • Morgan L.

    Good luck and thanks to whoever donated!

  • Maggie K.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! And good luck to everyone for the giveaway .

  • Morgan L

    Good luck and thank you!

  • amber

    Omg I love it. Oh I can’t wait to see who wins. Hope I win at least one prize but I don’t mind. Good luck everyone.

  • Metanee Prasong


  • Miri C

    Congratulations SIMS Community!!
    🙂 You guys are really cool!

  • Anne s

    Thanks for this giveway! This is very kind you guys. 🙂

  • Rakk

    Congratulations SIMS Community
    Please Give to me !!
    I want to play it ><

  • Jemma Stephens

    Do want! Good luck to everyone!

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    Thanks for doing a givaway

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    God bless us….

  • good luck everyone <3 🙂

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    Let’s win this!

  • Taylianne Alves

    Games, games and games!!! I need all of them… Hahahahahahaha!!! Good luck!

  • Lyom Wulfländer

    The Sims 4 Get to Work?! I really want it. It’s my #3 giveway… I wish win this!


    Thanks for doing this

  • Ioney Pinheiro

    Thoddy, you are our hero!!! Thank you. 🙂

  • Eakbadin Eakake

    I want Luxury Party Stuff !! :]

  • Anabel Alexander

    Thank you so much! I hope to win Get 2 Work!

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    Fingers crossed everyone!

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    Very generous giveaway! Thank you and good luck to all <3

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    Good Luck everyone!!!

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    Yes! I wanna win so badly haha x

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    I love everything you do!

  • Nikita Sangaré

    I love you guys keep doing what you do!

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    Congrats, Sims Community! Thanks for the giveaway! We all really appreciate it! Good luck to everyone!

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    Happy 2nd Anniversary again! Thank you all for these awesome giveaways. I’m so excited! I really want to win these games, so I participate 🙂

  • Thanks! 🙂

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    Thanks you so much for the amazing giveaway

  • Thanks

  • Fiorella P.

    Spero di vincere in uno di questi giveaway, forse è la volta giusta!

  • Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck.

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    love the sims! good luck.

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    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

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    Happy 2nd anniversary! And thanks again Thoddy 🙂

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    Thank you! Good luck everyone!

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    I really want to win luxury party! I usually buy my games with my pocket money but I don’t have enough!

  • Rachel Shennan

    What an amazing giveaway! So lucky gettjng to enter (:

  • Rachel Shennan

    What an amazing giveaway! So lucky gettjng to enter (:

    • Rachel Shennan

      Idk how to delete this! My phone posted it twice! ): help!

  • Stina

    awesome, huge thanks to all the donators!

  • victor Manuel

    Congratulations SIMS Community!! Thanks for doing this and thanks to all the donators, i hope to win Luxury Party Stuff 🙂
    Good luck to everyone!

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    Thank you guys so much for this!! Happy two years 🙂

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    You guys have no Idea of how happy I’d be to win this especially scince I couldn’t go to my prom

    • Kae

      I forgot to thank all of the donors

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    Thank you for making the giveaway!
    I wish i win 🙂

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    Thank You! Goodluck Guys! And Happy 2 Years Anniv!

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  • Hey, I really am a fan of the Sims, even installed a Sims modpack on Minecraft. I would enjoy winning this! 😀

  • Tory Laster

    I wish the best of luck to everyone who entered! I wish we could all win this giveaway! Lata guys!!!

  • Awesome! Thank you for this giveaway! Good luck to everyone who has entered! 😀

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    From Italy! Good luck everyone! 🙂

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    Good luck to every1 from italyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! 😀

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    Good luck to everyone who enters.

  • Cecilie Clemens Klingsten

    Thank you and best of luck to eveyone

  • Laure-anne

    That’s a great idea, I planned to buy the game after my exams, so I really would like to win! (sorry if my english is bad, I’m from Belgium :p )

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    Good luck all 🙂

  • Tomas

    Thank you so much Sims4Thoddy and SpaceSimming ! ^_^ Good luck everyone ! Have a great simday <3

  • Congratulations Sims Community! On your second anniversary! Keep up the good work! 🙂 Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • VAFA Bagheri

    Awesome! Thank you for this giveaway! Good luck to everyone who has entered!

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    Thank u for that 🙂

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    I really like the sims and this website. I hope this website can grow even more and become the best community for simmers.
    Congratulation on your anniversary.

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    I hope I win and good luck to everyone else!!!!

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    I really hope i win! i haven’t been able to get the money to earn the outdoor retreat, get to work, or party pack

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    I can try 😛
    Good luck 🙂

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    Congratulations SimsCommunity! 🙂

    Goed luck everyone. 😀

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  • Good luck to everyone. Here’s hoping I win either Outdoor Retreat or Luxury Party Stuff! <3 <3 [fingers crossed]!!

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    Happy Simming and the best of luck to all!!

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    Well, good luck to everyone, from Chile! Hope to win Outdoor Retreat or Luxury Party! 😀

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    Big thanks to Sims4Thoddy & Spacesimming, you guys totally ROCK!

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    Cant wait to see who wins,Good luck to everyone who participates!:D

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    Good luck to everybody
    Ugh I’m so happy

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    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary, Sims Community! Thanks for this awe-sim giveaway! Good luck to everyone joining! ☺


    i wish i could win… best of luck to everyone 🙂

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    Yey! Giveaway! I’d really like to win Luxury Party Stuff! Wish me luck! :DD

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    Very exciting! 😀 maybe I will win, who knows! Good luck to everyone! 😉

  • Spero di vincere Get to Work oppure Outdoor Retreat!!!

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    Happy Anniversary, Sims Community! Thanks for this giveaway!

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    Thank you very much for the giveaway and happy anniversary! 🙂

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    Good luck guys! Me and my sister would love to win this! We are big fans and happy anniversary! 😀 🙂

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  • This is a great giveaway! Good luck everybody! :3

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    Good luck everybody, really hoping for Get to Work!

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    good luck to everybody & happy anniversary!

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    Thank you for this chance, guys!

    You’re the best.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Larissa Jackson

    Sims Sims Sims ♥. ♥ ~ Happy Anni and best of luck to all simmers *fingers crossed for luxury stuff*

  • I only have the digital deluxe version; I’d love to win one of the others to add more interesting content into the game.

  • Nurnishah

    Umm.. Happy Anniversary !!! Soo.. let me tell you a joke,
    What do ducks smoke?

    Hahhah. Funny right? No? Ohh okay then.

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    Good luck everyone! I would really enjoy getting Luxury Party Stuff or Outdoor Retreat 🙂

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  • Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone. 🙂


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  • Hi, thanks for this giveaway, good luck everyone 😀

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    I really wanted outdoor retreat. Good luck to everyone who entered

  • Hope I win!

  • Amanda Callafange

    Yay! Hope I win this time.

  • Kelsay

    Thanks for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone! I would really love LP stuff:) *crosses fingers*

  • Lori

    I would love to win.. I have been playing .I’m going been playing Sims since It, started I’ve never won nothing would love to win it would be a hoot… I have Sims 1 and Sims 2 and Sims 3 and now Sims 4… Absolutely love the game all time favorite…

  • Francesca

    I want to win!

  • Hali Garrison

    Great giveaway!

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    I’m really big fan of the sims and i wish to win any of these packs cause in my country we dont have them … 🙁

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  • Another awesome giveaway! Thank you so much once again!

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  • destini

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  • Ashley

    I pray that whoever gets it has fun. I would love to win myself also lol. Been a sims fanatic forever, every time I play the game I have like 500 plus hours on it lol, I rather play it than Gta.

  • I Love the sims series. Just haven’t been able to play it since Sims 1 except for at friends places. Would love to win a copy. Can’t wait to see what awesome stories will come out from The Sims 4. <3

  • Jotte

    Best of luck folks! 🙂

  • Thanks for another giveaway
    – Best of luck everybods lol

  • Callum Collins

    Don’t know if I’ve done this right lol. Would love to win something, but probs won’t lol. Good luck to everyone else who enters!

  • Dimitrios Lyk.

    This is a great giveaway! Good luck everybody

  • Justin Earle

    I been at this website since the beginning congratulations for 2 years good luck everybody!

  • Pippa bemrose

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