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The Sims 4: New Teaser for Upcoming Content!

The Sims Team released a new Holiday-themed Video today, featuring footage from The Sims 4 and some of it’s packs. In one scene of that video there’s a sim on the left with an unknown hairstyle. I checked it myself and there’s not a single pack that brought this hairstyle to the game.


This isn’t the first time The Sims Team teased new content. Just 2 days ago Lucy Hale shared a promotional image from The Sims 4 featuring another new hairstyle (Sim in the middle).


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  • Tomi Crump

    Ilove sims 4 can’t wait to see what the pets look like.

  • MidnightPearl

    you also missed the statue outside the window of a boy or teen, carrying a backpack and also right next to the mirror stand there is a wicker basket thingy too.

    • The statue is not a boy carrying backpack. It’s something different and it is in Get Together. Also, the basket thing are two baskets from Outdoor Retreat