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The Sims FreePlay: Police Update Now Available!

The Sims FreePlay has just released their latest update – Police, for Android and iOS devices.

Wonder what’s new? Check out the Update Notes:

What’s New in Version 5.22.1

Stop! In the name of Sim Town! Get ready for a whole new gameplay experience with the Professions gameplay mode.

  • Embark on your very own career journey as you live the life of a Sim Town Police Officer
  • Choose your specialty and work your way up, from small-time cop to Chief of Police or Paranormal Agent
  • Help Sim Town residents by investigating spooky scenarios, honing your interrogation skills, and getting the latest Sim Town gossip from your surveillance van
  • Spruce up your Police Station and unlock more gear by collecting police coins and resources – add a Jail Cell, Forensic Lab, K-9 area, and more!


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Jovan Jovic

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  • Red

    Are you playing as yourself, or as a Sim Town resident

  • Casandra

    How do I unlock the police station? Where is the station at?

    • Annie

      Next to the community center.

      • BxChiquita

        I don’t see it near the center

      • BxChiquita

        I don’t see it near the center

        • dark34

          The one with the police badge icon.

  • Rachel

    Do you get any limited time prizes? Can this quest be done at the same time as other discovery quests?

  • BxChiquita

    Where is the police station? I don’t see it near the community center

    • Lisanna Knight

      It is next to the camp grounds. It has the police badge on it.

    • Annie

      U need to build it first.

  • Thobani Mqadi

    You won’t see it if you don’t update the app first. Once the app is updated you’ll find by the community Centre by the shoreline.

  • Amy Conway

    The upgrades are NOT working to reduce the time of the tasks. For example, even if the “File Police Report” task says it will take 41 seconds, it is taking about 57 seconds. MOST of the tasks have NOT been reduced for the upgrades with either the police or the movie careers. This would be SO MUCH MORE FUN if the task time was reduced as promised by the game.

  • Charlotte

    Why do I need to spend LP to unlock my police car and such?!

  • Rama Gian Tubelleza Camit

    Why do I need to spend LPs to build the interview room???