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General Manager of Maxis, Rachel Franklin, Has Left EA

SimGuruLyndsay has recently posted on The Sims Forums about an update to management at Maxis.

I have some important news to share with you all today. It’s never easy to say goodbye but today, we wish a fond farewell to our friend and colleague Rachel Franklin. She has decided to leave Maxis to explore new opportunities. We’re going to miss her creative spark, her infectious enthusiasm, and the passion that she brought to the studio every day. I can definitely say I’m excited to see what she does next and will be cheering her on!

Rachel leaves Maxis stronger than ever. We’re all so excited by the incredible passion we see from you in The Sims 4 nearly two years after we first released the game. We’ve proven to you our commitment to regularly providing new experiences, like the recent Dining Out Game Pack and expansion to Create A Sim, and that won’t change. We’ve got lots more planned for the months and years ahead that we can’t wait to share with you.

We have a strong leadership team in place at Maxis and we’re focused on one thing: delivering great things to you, our players. We’re looking to fill Rachel’s shoes, but in the meantime myself and all the other SimGurus will continue to connect with you and share our enthusiasm for the game and new things to come.



Rachel has since taken to Twitter to say how much of an honor it’s been to be part of the team at Maxis.

On behalf of The Sims Community team we would like to wish Rachel the best of luck for the future!

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  • This is so sad! 🙁 I really liked Rachel.

  • Kai Chen

    OMG! Now there is hope for toddlers and family play!

    • It doesn’t work like that. The game isn’t going to change just because of Rachel leaving Maxis. While Rachel was the general manager for Maxis and The Sims team she doesn’t get to say 100% what the gurus get to put out. It’s a team effort.

      • Nya

        They better not have made a group decision about no toddlers. They have lost their minds if they did.

      • Kai Chen

        When they changed higher ups in The Sims 3, the game was steered into a different direction. This will be the same. The team often said they wanted to deliver what we were requesting but management wouldn’t allow.

    • here’s my theory. you wont get toddlers. ever. and IF you do, they wont come until the FINAL dlc. i could be wrong. but that’s my thought on the issue.

  • Max


  • Maria Costa

    Rachel was like a cloudy day… When the clouds disappear, the sun shines!! Now we’ve got toddlers, vampires and pets are coming!