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Someone is making thousands of dollars on a Sims 4 WooHoo Mod

We all know that our modding community is really talented – there are modders who fix the game, add new features or even give their best to implement multiplayer features to the game. But, have you ever heard of modders who dedicate all of their time in creating all sorts of woohoo animations and poses that don’t come with pixelated blur? That’s exactly what TurboDriver has been doing for the last few months.

WickedWhims is a mod that introduces extremely explicit animations, interactions and features that are DEFINITELY NOT for people below the age of 18. We won’t show any images or name any features that are packed into this mod, but if you want to check them out, you can do so HERE! (WARNING: NSFW)

The creator of this mod has even put up a Patreon page allowing other fans of his mod to donate money and support the ongoing development of this mod. I didn’t know this mod has gotten so popular until I saw that there are over 700 people donating more than 3000$ monthly!


According to his Patreon, creating and supporting the WickedWhims mod has become his actual job considering his goal of over 945$ per month has been reached. People who choose to donate over 4.50$ a month will even get access to early and private builds of this mod!

Although these type of mods were a thing in the past years as well, the amount of dedication taken to develop such mod and people who use these mods was not even close to what WickedWhims managed to achieve.

Honestly, future is full of weird people, but each to its own.


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  • And what’s your point? If people want to pay someone LESS THAN $5 month what do you care? There are many people who have Patreon pages. I don’t see the problem. Judging from your article you must be really sheltered. There’s a mod like this for Sims 3 that does WAYYYYY more “explicit” things. Get over yourselves. If I want to help a modder out and pay them, that’s no ones business but MINE. What I do in my game, is my business and what you do in your game is your’s.

    • The article says nothing bad about this mod or those who use it. It’s only highlighting the mod’s existence and that it makes a good amount of money. Did you just read the title and make an assumption about it’s content?

    • Um. I didn’t see this as a negative or judgemental article. I honestly would support this modder and I found this article informative as well. I think you’re being kind of defensive for no reason. It’s not that serious.

      • I think they were referring to the last line of the article, “Honestly, future is full of weird people, but each to its own.” I read that as a jab at the mod author and possibly those that support them.

        • I can see why they might be defensive now. But, I think I didn’t see it as negative because I don’t really consider weird an insult. Like I said, I plan on supporting this modder.

  • I’m one of those “weird” people, a soon to be mother, a loving wife, and volunteer. This modder is one of many that make this game, playable, exciting and fun. All hail the modders!!