Bowling Night

The Sims 4: Bowling Stuff Pack coming this Spring!

The Sims Team announced a brand new Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 which seems to be revolving around bowling.

Although the Stuff Pack name and full release date is not yet official, we do know that they’ll release more info as we get closer to Spring.

Make sure you check out more from the quarterly teaser and stay tuned on all the latest news!

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  • Yet another feature included in an EP in previous Sims games that the decided to release and sell as separate pack this time. Let me remind you one more time that TS2 Nightlife included not only bowling alleys but also restaurants (Dine Out), night clubs and DJing (Get Together) an urban area to live in / visit and karaoke (City Living), vampires (the rumored upcoming GP) and even functional cars.

    As I said many times, if you buy this SP you’re supporting a very disgusting business practice of paying more for less (paying more money for less content in EPs) AND countless overpriced DLCs (this started in TS3 with the Store but it’s getting way out of hand). It’s up to you, just know that what you’re doing NOW will influence the gaming industry in years to come. The only language these suits understand is the language you speak with your wallet. Tell them this thing they’re doing is NOT ok.

    • I completely agree with you; I’m really annoyed that I spent money on certain packs, and I won’t be doing so in the future, until it’s something actually worthwhile (or sales).

    • The only problem I I could see why they’re dividing all the TS2 bring-backs is because if you compare the data of all TS games, from the first to last, the games get bigger and bigger. Like the entire collection of TS2 is maybe a total of 2-3GB, TS3 base game is 6GB, and TS4 base game is 9GB. So, making these expansions can take up quite a bit of space. Plus, one of the simgurus did point out how “difficult” it is for them to come up with new expansions, and trying to fit in the classic stuff from the requests of their fans. That can be a hassle trying to do what the fans want and trying to make new content along with it. Then, there is the issue that they don’t have enough staff to help out with the game… I mean if it isn’t a space issue, or the lack of creativity and staff members, then I can understand that they’re just being money grubbers. I don’t like the idea that they are giving us bits by bits of our favorite content from the previous games, I mean it can’t be that hard to give us supernatural, pets, university, and etc. and adding some new content along with them. I just think they’re really bad at planning on what content they should put together, before they publish it to community. They need to get it together.

      • I partially agree with your comment but I wanted to point out a misconception. Files get bigger because textures/meshes (for the most part) get bigger and coding also gets more complex, not because TS4 has more features. It’s totally pointless to compare the size games from different years take up because as times goes by, files keep getting bigger and bigger. Twenty years ago, the heaviest games were only 650 mb (standard CD) and now they can be as heavy as 60-70 GB. Besides, more packs are released digitally nowadays, so file size is a non-issues as long as you have enough space in your drive and an ok internet connection. Optical discs are a thing from the past. So, no it is NOT a space issue, ipso facto games will always get bigger and bigger in terms of file size.

  • i don’t care if this was in an EP before haha, it just means that EA’s gonna have more time to focus on the actual theme of the EPs <3 and i'm gonna get this SP anyways haha