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The Sims 4 CC Spotlight: Toddler Maxis Match Hair

In this spotlight we’re featuring Maxis match hairstyles made for toddlers. Most of these are conversions from adult hairstyles but expect more unique pieces in the coming weeks.

Just like we do with gallery and hairstyle spotlights, this spotlight uses an interactive approach where you’ll get to see the same content using a different angle and variation. Note that some images contain various conversion variations!

Hover over the pulsing plumbobs to see screenshots of marked areas. Pulsing plumbob that’s on the left bottom corner contains all the info (and download link) of the creation.


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Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I've been a Sims player for over 10 years and counting! My free time is usually spent in writing articles, graphic design and activism.

  • ShadowWolf

    I like these hairstyles a lot! TS4 didn’t came with many Maxis hairstyles for toddlers, just some casual ones. But I missed the little bows and stuff xD. Because most girly toddlers have little bows and little ponytails and stuff, and those weren’t there. Thanks for sharing!

  • Aly

    Its the bottom left plumbob of each picture 🙂

  • Giannis

    Oh my, these are some of the hair I made!! Thank you so much for showcasing these, I wish I saw this earlier <3