The Sims is getting a new competitor

Someone was finally brave enough to tackle and develop the wonders of a life simulation game other than Maxis.

Project Vie, the name of this life simulation game project, first appeared back in September 2016 with no detailed info other than the following description on their Reddit page:

Vie (stylized “vie”) is a life simulation game with managerial and role-playing elements. We’re currently in an early stage of development, but you’ll be hearing more from us soon.


They answered a few Reddit comments regarding Project Vie, not specifically going into details about the game itself

  • We’re Simmers just like you, we know what’s up with The Sims just like you. We’re doing our best to make a fun game with the right style and gameplay, and we’re doing our best to please as many people as we can. But that’s all you’ll hear from me for now…
  • What’s the point in making what is essentially the same game? We think you’re going to love it. In fact, we’re going to be paying close attention to the community to make sure!
  • We’ll give them (EA) something to be afraid of, don’t worry 😉


Just a few hours ago, the developers of Project Vie posted a following image, letting us know that they’ll reveal the details about this life simulation game on March 15th:

They also provided some more information about the game and what can we expect:

(Roughly) Five Wonderfully Meaningful Facts About Vie

  • Vie is not only a life simulator, but also a role playing game. Which role, you ask? All of them!
  • Our gameplay will be so good that you will actually wow out loud. Mark my words.
  • Vie is similar to The Sims in some ways, but totally different in some other ways. You will end up doing the same thing in both games, but you’ll have a much better time in Vie!
  • Vie’s target audience overlaps with The Sims’s, but Vie isn’t for every The Sims player and The Sims isn’t for every Vie player.
  • This fifth wonderfully meaningful fact is completely meaningless!


 We’ll make sure to keep you updated with all the latest Project Vie news!

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  • Makamu Gloria


  • athsndwords


    I’m intrigued by this, but I have to say, I’m a pretty serious Sims fan. They’d have to work hard to impress me. I also worry that them ‘paying close attention to the community’ might inspire them to put too much into the initial game that’s released which might just cause issues that give them a bad rep. Who knows though? A little healthy competition is a good thing :D.

  • Whitney

    Well if anything this will make ea work harder. Especially if this turns out to be a good game. I think it’s time EA got a little competition.

    • rbarkah

      You right! They need a competitor to make the sims 4 better and better 😀

    • Rees

      Competition will definitely be great for EA, hopefully they’ll get more serious about the game and start giving us more of what we want rather than disappointing us all the time. Or at least they keep disappointing me, not sure about other simmers.

      • Pascal Fernandes

        nah tehr aculy odo listen ! it just take stime to devolep of wishes as the team neds to be smartHECK tehr couldnt even bring us toddlers withoout also devoleping pets at the same time

      • Rizky Muzakir

        they do listen, but they are PRETTY DAMN SLOW

    • Pascal Fernandes

      If that turnes out it would mean EA would give The SIms team more budge for animations wich could mean that at somepoint ssome animations in Ts4 will lock as if anotehr team had createt them mayby even so much mony that c´tehr can redoo all animations and patch them

    • Khristiaan

      I hope this means EA will stop using “It’s too expensive” as an excuse to not do something. As much money EA make I seriously doubt they are having any financial issues…

  • Mauricio

    Very interesting, I’m ‘from O Sim BR and I will spread this news in our brazilian community. Save the date: March 15th.

  • rbarkah

    is it what Paradox referring to when they released Cities Skylines??

  • Broken Plumbob

    I bet you it will be an amazing game but won’t be able to run in most simmers computers

    • rbarkah

      That’s the reason why they said “Vie isn’t for every The Sims player”

      • SoulEater

        He also said “The Sims isn’t for every Vie player.” I think it means more than just minimum requirements

        • Pascal Fernandes

          yeah heck i ne dto play Ts4 now on lower specs simply for having an to old cpu and i cant by myself an new computer for atleats anotehr year and a half

  • Sheandra Jobe

    Awesome im interested

  • simsfan9911

    I hope EA wont sue them! They have done that to other simulation games in the past.

    • Just what I was thinking, but I really hope their game is great. Runs well, with few bugs and gives EA a run for their money. Then EA might actually let The Sims team create content they want to create and not tell them what to create.

    • NikNak

      Sue them for what exactly?

  • Honestly, about time! I was hoping Colossal (Cities Skylines) would be the one to do this, but I’m up for any developer attempting. Life simulation isn’t just what The Sims does. The Sims is one branch, Second Life is another branch – both life simulations, yet so different. There is certainly space for more life simulations that aren’t The Sims. I am actually very excited. It’d be a leap, yes, but I’ll gladly buy another life simulation game and try it out to its fullest.
    Perhaps I’m most excited to see what their balance of reality is. Second Life goes to an extreme of micro-management, while Sims has always been semi-present. You don’t control Sims at work (mostly) for example, whereas you do actual tasks to earn money in Second Life. So really, it’d be incredibly exciting to see what Vie is going for. 🙂
    My fear is that this is one of the “We’ve brought back Sims Online… oh, never mind, servers are over capacity” then never hear about it ever again. :/

    • simsfan9911

      I was also hoping colossal would make a life simulation game. Especially considering how much better cities skylines is compared to all other city builders.

  • peterskywalker

    This is an interesting idea. I love the sims, and this won’t make me lose my love for it, but EA could definitely use the competition. Also I’m always up for different sim experiences so this could be good if enough funding goes into it.

    • Pascal Fernandes

      well i already kne won simmer who wont like vie as its descriped as roleplaying

      • TnT_Terry

        Do you even know what the definition of roleplaying is? I think you need to get your head out the sand bcause sims has always been roleplaying! When you play a sim and build skills and get your sims promotions, that is roleplaying. I wish peeps would get their facts straight before making such a naive comment. 😉

  • NikNak


  • Rees

    Since we basically know nothing about this game other than the genre I won’t get excited just yet. But I’m interested in seeing how this will turn out! Besides, the competition will be good for EA. After what happened with Simcity and Cities Skylines dominating over the failed EA game, this might push EA in the right direction with The Sims and force them to put more money and staff into it in order to make The Sims 4 to the level of greatness it should have been.

  • Rubinov Maxim

    Who develop this game?

  • Khristiaan

    And in this corner we have a competitor who is taking a consideration for their customers feelings and desires from an unknown life simulator while in this corner we have EA’s The Sims 4 that gives us what we want only when we create the biggest backlash since SimCity 2013. Who will win the heart of the life simulator lover? March will reveal us the answer……

  • As long as you give me money cheats, I will check them out

  • Good, good

  • Evanesims

    Okay but what do we really know about this game? Do we have any footage? Any screenshots? These “wonderfully meaningful facts” don’t mean anything till we see the actual game.

    • Emmatigerlily

      My thought exactly. While I’d be excited if this were true, at the moment it just seems like big talk. “You’ll have much more fun in Vie” just sounds like shallow marketing to me (the kind we get from EA) and there is nothing to back it up. But hopefully we’ll hear more soon and I’ll feel more optimistic when we do.

    • Lewismcbeth

      Totally agreed. Too many sentences to let us feel they’ll be ‘killing’ The Sims but I can’t wait to see it as it will really be. But I’m so glad Maxis, team filled with lazy people, would get competition with other stuff, and only God knows how much I love this game though.

    • naman

      I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but the logo sort of looks too cheap as well

  • Broken Plumbob

    I’m thinking that VIE will be more role play than life simulation.

  • Khristiaan

    Let’s see if this new competitor can offer us something that I feel EA lacks at times. Passion and soul about what they are selling. The fact that this company says they want to take it’s time to make a great game and in not in a rush gives me a warm feeling that doesn’t resemble accidentally eating laxatives.

  • naman

    I guess nothing can be speculated much here until we get a sneak peek into the game itself….Let’s hope all turns out well in March 15…..

  • Simfan923

    Okay so I have a few things to say about this:
    1. It’s about time The Sims will get some potential competition. Competition is good healthy even and The Sims is probably the most iconic life-simulator game out there, there’s no doubt. However it makes you wonder what it would be like to have another life simulator out there that’s just as good even not better than The Sims? (Was hoping the development team for Cities Skylines would do one at some point)
    2. I like that they said they’re simmers like us. That gives me hope because it means they understand what the community has been craving for and what we’ve enjoyed in the past. It could potentially mean that there may just be things that we have had in the past and maybe developed even further than before.
    3. One thing that concerns me is the comment about the game not being for every Sim player and every Vie player alike. It makes sense because not everyone is going to like everything about both games. Some people may love Vie more than The Sims and vice-versa. Or some people may like certain things in Vie and certain things in The Sims. At least they made it somewhat clear that it may not be for everyone.
    4. Another concern I have is that there is some role-playing elements. I’m personally not a fan of RPGs because I tend to lose interest very quickly (looking at you Wow). But from what they’re saying it’s just RPG elements and not an RPG game.
    5. There’s the anticipation and desire for more. I am a visual person so I have to see what these little virtual people are like. I need to know the elements of the game. Is there gradual aging? Will there be different lifestages? Will there be dark themes in the game? Is the game an Open World? What are the system requirements? Will it be more demanding? Or will it cater to other players with lower end machines? Is this game going to be free and online? Or will it be something you need to pay for? Will there be DLC later in the future? With this game cater to other OS like Windows or OSX? Who is funding this game? Basically there are A LOT of questions and I’m sure come March 15th (already marked it on my calendar) we might get some answers but not all for various reasons.

  • Kemski

    I’m not sure about this. sound like a knock off. and their big promises are just too much.

  • Manderz Jean Engler

    This is the Vie Life Simulator game I was able to find in English.
    I don’t see this game being popular like The Sims are.

    • TnT_Terry

      you are such an idiot! That has absolutely NOTHING to do with Vie! It’s people like you that fill feeds like this with spam because you have nothing better to do with your life!

  • NikNak

    Just found out that this is a scam. 🙁

  • NikNak

    I wouldn’t believe anything about this project:

  • Harvey

    I hope The Sims doesn’t die down, or get overtaken by this ‘Vie’ thing. Although pets, seasons, memories and a celebrity system would be GREAT for The Sims 4, and this may quicken their pace at producing them, I really hope ‘Vie’ is a flop.

    • Harvey

      But the whole ‘roleplay’ thing does sound good. But then again, i feel the game will either be too much of a roleplaying game or too similar to the sims.

  • Caucasian

    The whole thing is a hoax apparently. You should remove this before it attracts any more attention.

  • TnT_Terry

    sadly that is exactly what EA has done with EVERY life simulation game since taking the sims from Will Wright. They will sui this company just as all others before, just because they have the money to do so, and they won’t deal with competition, it’s called a Monopoly! 🙁

  • I hope it cost not that much how Sims 4 at the release…

  • Evanesims

    It’s FAKE.

  • Maks Bee

    I made a video about it discussing what has been said about the game. I honestly like the fact that there’s finally some buzz about some competition for The Sims, I seriously hope it’s as good as they’re making it out to be!

  • Draconian9054

    If “Project Vie” is very similar to The Sims, wouldn’t that be a copyright violation?

    • Simfan923

      Technically no. If this thing is actually real then it would be a life-simulation game which isn’t a Sims exclusive genre.

  • Draconian9054

    I’ve often wondered why there hasn’t been a worthy competitor to The Sims, despite the franchise being so old.

    Would be nice to see a life sim game that’s more adult oriented.

    The focus on role-playing looks interesting.

  • Matt

    This needs to be deleted it is a hoax.

  • iandy

    Finally. Since TS4’s been such a bore lately.

  • Ali
  • RespectfullyYoursMB