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The Sims 4: All About Relationship Triple Boost Week

The Sims Team has launched a new Triple Boost Week in The Sims 4 which starts today (February 14th) until February 21st.

The new Triple Boost Week requires the latest game update for The Sims 4. You’ll be notified about the new Triple Boost Week by entering The Sims 4’s Main Menu:

This Triple Boost Week is all about boosting your Sims’ relationship bar. Performing positive interactions will boost your Sims’ friendship / romance relationship bar 3 times faster!

To activate this boost, you’ll need help from Jasmine Holiday. Simply click on your phone and select Social > Call Jasmine Holiday. She’ll quickly show up at your front door.

To activate the boost, click on Jasmine Holiday and select ”Boost Relationship Gain”.

After that you’ll receive the ”Feeling Friendly” moodlet which lasts for 6 Sim days. After the moodlet expires all triple boost effects will stop until you call Jasmine Holiday again to extend your boost.

Have fun building new friendships and romances!

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