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Features We Would Like To See Added To The Sims 4

A couple of days ago, I asked the following question over on the Sims Community Forums followed by a tweet on our Twitter.

What feature(s) would you still like to see added to The Sims 4?

Although this question is very open and I have my own answers I wanted to see what the community felt The Sims 4 was still missing. I had a great variety of responses. Some very similar ideas and others that completely stood out on their own.

Many Simmers hope to see the return of Seasons, University, Generations and Supernatural expansion packs in some description at some point in the games time. Another popular feature that Simmers found is missing is Pets although currently there is a lot of speculation around Pets being the next possible expansion pack for The Sims 4.

The Sims Superstar got a mention which I think would be a wonderful addition if a pack was created for The Sims 4. It had many great features and set the foundations for the later The Sims 3 Showtime expansion.

Makinโ€™ Magic as well was another that appeared a couple of times. There was a handful of responses that had variations of the more mythical and magical packs including seeing a combination of Supernatural and Makinโ€™ Magic in one pack. A new pack but with mythical and magical Sim types we have and havenโ€™t seen before.

Some Simmers just wanted to see some smaller features added to the game like terrain tools, bigger lot sizes, transport, curfews, burglars, strollers for babies and toddlers, new careers, better clothing options, spiral stairs, multi-level tools and to see the return of the design tool. There are many features that although they could be considered small they could add so much to the game.

Another popular feature and one that many Simmers have wanted since The Sims 4 launch is having a better open world. This has been a highly debated topic but currently, the only open world we have is in our immediate neighbourhood.

Of course, there was mention of some new ideas that The Sims 4 could feature like amusement parks, new vacation locations, shopping centers, high school prom and graduation. New skills like gymnastics, ice skating and the addition of more sports to the game.

There are so many things that could happen to The Sims 4 in 2017. In the first month and a half we have seen Vampires grace our games, as well as the highly-requested Toddlers, make a triumphant return to the game. Everyone who responded to my forum post or on the tweet, thank you. Each and every one of your responses made me think about how it would possibly look and work in The Sims 4. Iโ€™m sure many of you feel the same after reading this.

If there are any features not mentioned in this article that you would like to see in The Sims 4 then let us know in the comments section below. Alternatively check out the original forum post here.

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Hi I'm Krista aka LeeksEverywhere. I'm a Community Reporter for Sims Community and a longtime fan of The Sims. If I'm not gaming or writing I'm usually searching for unicorns.


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  • I eagerly look forward to the return of some favorite packs and hope for new ones ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also hoping for more items for playgrounds (swings and slides) and more pool items (rafts, water slides, and wading pools for toddlers).

    • Along this note … I’d like smaller doll houses. The ones we have are so big I almost never use them ๐Ÿ™ A cute non functional play kitchen would be a nice tough, too. And swings!

      • I feel the same, an addition of smaller dollhouses and other items for children and toddlers (things we don’t currently have in TS4) would be cool.

        Side note: In regards to smallerness; we also need a smaller, normal sized telescope. I NEVER use the telescope in TS4 only because it’s way too big.

        • I would love to see a telescope similar to the one in 2 for the adults and a child version for the kids. It would be awesome to see child versions of some of the adult items (the stove, for instance) and for those items to generate excitement in the child with a notification that says something like ‘I really like stargazing!’ or ‘Cooking is my favorite!’ Does anyone else remember in Sims 2 Freetime when each Sim had a particular thing that they really liked and you could only find out what it was by doing something related to it? The dollhouses really are too big, they take up way too much room ๐Ÿ™

          Toddlers really need more play items ๐Ÿ™ Even if they don’t build skill, I feel like the toddler play room is really bare in Sims 4 compared to Sims 2- though I really do like the tablet for the tots. In some ways, I do think the Sims 4 toddlers are the best so far in the series, especially compared to Sims 3 (from what I heard of the toddlers, never played that game long enough to get to toddlers). Another thing that really bugs me is that there are no ‘family’ interactions between the parents and their toddler. There’s nothing that the parents can do with the toddler that other adult Sims can’t do ๐Ÿ™ Also, no Family Kiss option ๐Ÿ™ I dunno why it bugs me so much, but I don’t like that there’s no special interaction within the family for the toddlers.

          I really hope the upcoming bowling alley pack is kid friendly. Would be great if bumper lanes were an option for the kids if they went bowling with their parents ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m optimistic that more things will return to Sims 4 in time- we have basketball, bowling is coming, hoping that ice and roller skating will return, along with the previously mentioned playground and swim items.

      • I would like actual dolls for children to play with so like raggedy Anne dolls or barbie dolls or just porcelain dolls to collect

        • Please no raggedy Ann dolls, that doll creeps me out every since i found out the origin story of the horror movie ‘Annabelle’… The knowledge that it was a Raggedy Ann doll that was possessed by a demon really freaks me out ๐Ÿ™ How about Cabbage Patch dolls? Or something like the Magic Nursery Babies ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I think some people made new toys for children that look like dolls, maybe in Around the sims. I saw it. I think there was a doll.

          Also there are ragdolls for sims 4 but I think they are decorative, just search Advent Calendar: Day 6 TSM to TS4 from Zx-ta in tumblr

  • What I see many people wanting to come back, in mod the sims and other places is Wants and fears (specially for people that played Sims 2).

    And more personality to sims themselves, like zodiac signs, attraction system, reputation, favs. Right now they are all the same.

    • The way sims are now, yeah they are basically all the same. And it doesn’t help that traits have little to no effect (imo) to the way sims act. The all act the same regardless of traits. It would be awesome if there were more ways we could give personality to our sims and have those have an actual effect on how sims act/react.

      • I think if traits as just something that the sims will automatically do and the emotions answer more in depth traits because they acthink more differently in different emotions

      • Seasons/natural disasters, university (or even education as a whole, travel to school/high school/university with your child/teen/young adult sims) seasons, pets, a superstar remake with all the things from superstar (modelling, acting, recording studio, runway), wants/fears, invite the head master over to schmooze/give tour/ serve diner to get your child/teen into private school, hobbies and interests, burglar npc, firefighter npc, daycare active career (on home lot) self employment, bigger lots sizes, Being able to take out loans out from sim city bank that you pay back/, imaginary friend, preteens, push chairs/prams, cars/ the ability to teach teens how to drive in cars, bicycles, motorcycles, more customisation options for worlds/neighbourhood objects.

    • it would be cool if sims developed likes and dislikes of their own accord. as much as it is cool to have control of your sims every move, I would like it if they were possibly more independent??? maybe.

  • I would like to see a some form of a banking system. I want checking and savings for individuals/families. I would like to be able to take out loans and have to pay them bank. This could also signal the return of the repo man and some new careers as well.

  • Something very small and I thought it was nice touch is that in Sims University sims could drop their phone , and then you need to pay for repair. Made me think how this kind of small feature just made it more real

  • I agree with the possible new features/packages that could b added to sims 4, I just want to add what about transportation/ or car pooling.

  • Ignoring Pets and Seasons, which are as inevitable Vampires were last quarter, I would love robotics, stoneworking, burglers, and attraction.

    Robotics wouldn’t be just Servos, it would include RC toys, drones, Roombas, and security bots.

    Stoneworking would be similar to woodworking, but would result in special items (a stone guitar and Pet Rocks being examples) but requires a special table, higher skill, and more money. You can also choose from different stone types (granite, marble, etc).

    Burglers same as previous games but with added features. Thieves come more frequently the day after a party (to steal your rewards!). Also, you can call an officer to come arrest them while return stolen items (and the same could happen to your klepto-Sims that are caught).

    Attraction would be like TS2 but with a few more specifics (like gender or traits). Teenagers could also “come out” -essentially telling them their chemistry- to their friends, something that could result in a very good moodlet or a really, really bad one, or you could learn a Sim’s chemistry like you do with traits.

    • We have tablets in game now but seem to have no remote controlled items (aside from TVs and for some reason my Sims won’t sit down to watch it?) I’d love to see a return of the cars and flying helicopter from Sims 2 where they were controlled by sims ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If I were to list all the items I’d like to see in TS4 we’d be here all day… (Most of the items/features I want are from previous sims games)
    The main features I’d like to really see in TS4 would be octagonal & cone roofs (#1 thing I most want). Greenhouses, not like how they did it it TS3, but actual proper greenhouses and sprinklers. Carpeted stairs and wood stairs that actually matched to at least one wood floor, cause none of the wood stairs actually match any of the wood floors.

  • I’d like roller skates with which you could skate around the neighbourhood and not just on a skating rink. Plus it could also be a skill. Pool slides and wading pools for toddlers, and more than anything, a CAW tool…

  • Hi, you forgot cars – I bet a lot of simmers out there want cars to come back into the sims 4 game – I personally would love to see a totally scifi world with all the gizmos’, robots, flying cars, skateboards etc. maybe an different alien creature or two – lol as I battle very hard to create a fully alien world and get tired of always having to get rid of the human game generated npcs – It would also be great to have more skill building stuff out there, we are bored of the normal things and the piano is just way too huge, give us small keyboards, and kiddy guitar, how about a harp, sax, chello, drums etc., even bring back the toddler xylephone so they can learn the music skill – what about a paint tray for the painter, and change the paintbrush to their right hand, it just is so weird that they paint with their left and eat with their right – lol – ok maybe not so strange as I am right handed and eat with my left – lol
    Under building I would suggest smaller or self adjustable lots – who wants huge plots for a small shop or house? I would rather take the size of one lot and create 4 separate community venues for my sims to visit instead of the very limited amount we currently have
    Under trees, shrubs, plants that are only deco, how about us being able to pull them taller, or wider or down for smaller – this would solve so much time and resources of searching for other mods elsewhere to fill this need
    And I am sure that everyone wants the water tool back so they can build their own sized pond in the back yard – true?
    I think the garden lovers out there want more harvestables for their sims to grow, with better graphics so that they don’t all look like the same plant
    And the cooks out there would definitely love to have more choices of dishes with ingredients they can purchase online or grow in their own yard – true?
    Under Careers : bring back the fireman, let us be able to build our own small clinic or doctor’s room, sheriff’s office etc. considering we get the equipment to do so when completing goals in that career but are useless – true – bring back the hairdresser/barber – throw in janitor, maid, gardener, librarian, car mechanic (when we get cars back) – bring back ghostbusters – I am sure there are many more that others can add to the list – and make them all (go to work) – no more phantom jobs of just disappear and reappear, or give simmer option to turn off and on if they don’t wish to follow sim to work, school, college etc.
    Zerbu has come up with mods for careers that came with the game and others so you can tag along, build the venues yourself or d/load them off sites – so love them all and the daily challenges/quests each get to do – he is a very talented modder

    I could go on but I’m sure I’ve bored many, and please add more to this list – I am very interested to hear from everyone out there – thanks so much for letting us give voice, even though I doubt EA is listening – lol

  • I wish that the teenagers looked younger as at the moment there is such a big difference between children and teens and such a small one between teens and y. adults. i would also love more toys, and to be able to go to school with your teens.

  • Hi, I would really really really like to add bunk beds and skateboards (with skill) to that list. I don’t believe I noticed any of them when I read, but it’s possible I missed.

    • Bunk beds would be great, especially for siblings who share a room ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love for kids to be able to have birthday parties with themes like a slumber party, a circus or amusement park party, a pool party, and maybe a bowling party ๐Ÿ˜‰ I remember Sims 2 Freetime that came with a lot of new hobbies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think there should be beach party expansion, swimm in the sea, dive, windsurfing and moree, I miss the open world ๐Ÿ™

  • I’d love to see them put body hair back in for the male characters, as well as more facial hair options. The current ones are very limited.

  • I just want them to fix the bookcases! Tired of non-alphabetical. Tired of trying to figure out which books are suitable vis-a-vis skill level.

  • I want pets to bring the create a style tool (or whatever I don’t know what it’s called) with it, to make unique patterns so you can move stuff around. And more “wilderness” things because some of the main gameplay people do including me is island challenge, runaway teen challenge, warrior cats challenge, homeless challeng…. and there isn’t enough wilderness objects like Torn clothes, more trees and especially large rocks, bushes, wooden things, hammocks, stones that animals can sleep in and I REALLY need open worlds. I almost never travel to these “great new locations ” that came in outdoor retreat and get together because loading times take forever. If they would make a pets pack it would be awesome if a world came with it with more than , like, one neighborhood and like ~20 lots. Also in seasons they could make a beachy world where in the winter the ocean freezes but in the summer it’s beautiful

  • I’d love to see Kiddie Pools for Toddlers! and more interactions and stuff for toddlers/kids like playing tag, hide and seek, etc.

  • With the return of seasons I would like seasonal sports. Simlympics your sims train all sim year long then compete for a gold medal some bonus cash and some fame or reputation and stuff. I miss the tasks from sims 3, like fix a tv for so and so and take a dish to this restaurant, it gave you something to do. I also want more careers. All of my sims are doing the same things and it gets repetative. I really liked the careers from City living. And obviously a University, I wish there was options to stay at a local community college or travel away from home. Same with children’s boarding schools. Maybe you want to play as the kids going to boarding school and it’s kinda like a mini university. A beach getaway area or just more travel options. My sims are tired of camping. What’s the point of racking up vacation days when they can’t go anywhere. Also more supernatural characters loved the way the vampires came out. Oh and more personalized sims colors signs, sim compatibility loved that in sims 3.

    • I really want more vacation destinations too, though I think those will probably come either right before, with, or after Seasons (especially for a beach getaway). I would love to see more careers come into play in Sims 4 ๐Ÿ˜€ Hopefully University will be released sooner rather than later, I miss seeing all the crazy stuff that happened in the Sims 2 University and can’t wait to see what the development team comes up with for Sims 4! I think the vampires are awesome, my only complaint is that there can’t be genetic hybrids ๐Ÿ™ I love to play with genetics in the Sims games ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whoever did the work on making the vampires so great needs to be the ones doing the rest of the Supernatural states, I can’t wait for Witches and I really hope to see Faeries ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Zerbu has a mod you can download that will turn any residential world into a vacation world. Search MTS to find it. If you have residents living in a world you want to make a vacation world, they can stay there. Rental price varies on size of property.

  • I would also love to see more personality in the sims’. For example, (like @disqus_GSf8IX9zuW:disqus said) zodiac signs, favorites and dislikes, and so on. Also I would love to see pets come back and more supernatural options like Sims 3. The Vampires pack would be better unless they had werewolves in there as well to make it more interesting. I would love to see more neighborhoods, strollers for babies and toddlers, and also new hairstyles, clothing and some jewelry. Otherwise I can’t wait for new expansion packs and other stuff.

    • I wish the likes/dislikes from the Sims 2 Freetime pack could be incorporated into Sims 4. I used it in 2 to decide what careers my Sims would have, depending on whatever hobby they were really enthused by. I will say though that I hated the NPCs that showed up in Freetime and barged right into the house to give out their invitations, would have been a lot better to do so via mail. Especially when it came to the kids >.< Right now, the attraction system seems a bit lacking to me, I feel that the Sims have no differentiation for who they are attracted to in Sims 4, especially since there are no options for like/dislike certain traits as there were in Sims 2. I had an adult female with the materialistic, ambitious, and family traits with the soulmate aspiration and instead of being attracted to the Sim I created for her to be with (romantic, family, and genius traits with the knowledge aspiration for him and was in the scientist career) she was attracted to a npc male sim who had no job or money, was both a slob and lazy, and lived in a small house that I think had the electric turned off for non payment since the lights would ever come on o.0

  • I would definitely like to see more building tools, but the return of the design tool would be most welcome, too! I’m mainly a builder, so I miss the terrain tools etc.

  • Seasons/natural disasters, university (or even education as a whole, travel to school/high school/university with your child/teen/young adult sims) seasons, pets, a superstar remake with all the things from superstar (modelling, acting, recording studio, runway), wants/fears, invite the head master over to schmooze/give tour/ serve diner to get your child/teen into private school, hobbies and interests, burglar npc, firefighter npc, daycare active career (on home lot) self employment, bigger lots sizes, Being able to take out loans out from sim city bank that you pay back/, imaginary friend, preteens, push chairs/prams, cars/ the ability to teach teens how to drive in cars, bicycles, motorcycles, more customisation options for worlds/neighbourhood objects

  • I’d love for the usual pets, werewolves, and submit stuff, but for now I’d like to see some of the family relations fixed. When sims get married their significant other doesn’t become the aunt/uncle of any of the family kids. Maybe there could even be an “honorary aunt/uncle” relationship for sims who are close family friends.

  • I’m reiterating a lot of the same stuff other people have said, but these are what I would like to see happen eventually:

    I would like to see more dynamic personalities such as turn ons/turn offs, more traits to pick from, more aspirations, zodiac signs. The
    ones available are so limited and sometimes don’t really do what I wish they did.

    For restaurants, it would be nice if I could staff the place with sims I control.

    An issue that I wish would be fixed is the doctor career when it comes time to deliver a baby. It is too hard to get a pregnant woman to
    come in.

    Not sure this can be changed, but it would be nice if pregnant sims wouldn’t have their babies when I’m not actively playing them and
    I have aging turned off. I didn’t realize at first that the babies would be born when I wasn’t around and then they would just get a generated name. This also kind of goes with the doctor issue because I would try to get several women pregnant and hope they would come in to the doctor. When they wouldnโ€™t show up at the hospital, I would later go check on them and their babies were already born.


    The ability to give gifts.

    More/smaller lots. I feel like I am always forced to use a huge lot and then pack it full of sims because I’m running out of places.

    The ability to run a business from home. I would like to be able to live and run the business from the same location.

    Spiral staircases.

  • I agree with a lot of the smaller features mentioned in the article and the comments. I think a color wheel (or even a choice of any available colors in the game) would be more do-able than a whole design tool with patterns, though. I also just wish the game loaded all the lots in a neighborhood–I don’t need a full open world.

    Something not mentioned that I’d like to see is the actual seasons and a couple of basic objects (like umbrellas) as a free update with an expansion that has two new locations for summer and winter holidays. In addition to a pets expansion, I think a small pets game pack would be really neat, too–especially with how in-depth I feel this game attempts to go with different sim types.

    Also, stairs that flair out at the bottom to make mansions more glamorous because the basic stairs are killing me. Stairs are so underestimated in this game… Like beds (thank you, BrazenLotus, for ALL of the separates plus bed catalog hiders).

  • Where to start..where to start…well for one, I think that instead of rehashing all the old expansions/packs from past games, that Sims 4 should have just came with most of the basics to begin with. For example, having to wait patch updates for simple things like pools, toddlers, etc is silly. That should have came with the base game along with other staples of past games like the create a style/design tool where you could actually click on any object/clothing and change it’s colors, textures, etc. Another thing is transport. One of my fav pass times from the old games was going thru all the custom car content to put into game to have my sims own luxurious cars and DRIVE them to their destinations. Which brings up the point of course of OPEN WORLD. I absolutely find it annoying that to travel outside your own immediate neighborhood, you have to deal with loading screens to and from.

    People are hoping and praying for Pets and Seasons for upcoming expansions but me, I think they also should have already been there to begin with. What happened with innovation? I.e., The Sims 3 first expansion was World Adventures. It was completely new (at least I don’t remember there being a previous exp like it) and added new experiences to the game. It wasn’t some rehashed expansion of stuff that was in previous Sims games but went away in Sims 4. I want to see stuff like people mentioned below:

    -Amusement parks would be awesome
    -More/different careers (ones that we can control as well like Get To Work brought forth)
    -If you’re going to rehash previous expansions bring something like World Adventures back but I want Sims to be able to go to the airport and actually pick a destination to go to around the world (there can be like a total of 5 or something). I think the airport would add a realistic fun aspect of what it’s like to deal with booking flights, dealing with baggage, and just general airport interactions. Maybe a Sim’s trait can include “fear of flying” or something.

    I know there’s more stuff I can think of but the above recommendations are what mainly weigh on my mind. Haha.

  • Tbh, the whole school with teens thing could have been introduced with Get Together since they introduced the clubs, those same clubs could have had high school specific ones as well. When sending your teens to school, it could have followed them around and you had to control their “teen years” by having school activities/social interactions play a bigger impact to teenage development.

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