Bowling Night

SimGuruGraham talks about Bowling Alleys in the upcoming The Sims 4 Bowling Stuff Pack

The Sims 4’s 10th Stuff Pack which is focused on Bowling is coming this Spring. Although it’s not yet known which exact date, we can assume that it’ll be out some time in March.

Graham Nardone, developer on The Sims 4’s Stuff Packs, tweeted a small teaser regarding the bowling alleys in this Stuff Pack:

I like bowling in The Sims because it can be more than just an object; bowling takes long enough that it’s a group activity that you can plan a Sim’s evening around with their friends or family as a fun outing. Plus there’s an aesthetic style to bowling alleys that we haven’t touched on yet in The Sims 4 which I think will be a nice addition to the game.

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  • Very interesting! I wonder what he’s getting at with this “aesthetic style” – can’t wait to find out! 🙂

  • Ania Gie

    I’d like to see it along with owning bar or night club just like we can now own restaurant or store 🙂 we could earn money selling expensive drinks and running bowling bar for example but it’s only my quiet wish

  • lame…

  • Enola Faye

    I think I won’t be buying yet another pack *sigh