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Leona Lewis to be featured in the upcoming Sims 4 Pack? (SPECULATION)

Please note that this post is pure speculation until proven otherwise!

Just a few moments ago, Leona Lewis, a famous british pop singer, has made an interesting tweet:

What’s interesting is that the twitter account of Leona Lewis is being followed by the official twitter account of The Sims Team. So far The Sims Franchise didn’t feature Leona Lewis in its simlish soundtrack but that could possibly change with the upcoming The Sims 4 Pack.

If you’ve been out of the loop for the past few weeks, The Sims Team has left a significant chunk of game codes hinting that The Sims 4 Pets could be the next Expansion Pack. Could it be that Leona will have her song recorded in simlish for this pack? Time will tell!

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  • Whitney

    Wow I really love that song.

  • Evanesims

    Does this mean that horses are actually confirmed?

    • Witchs_Brew

      wowwwww omg shade…

  • Barry lance

    I’m sorry cause this is off topic but I need the help where is the start a new game button cause mine is gone and I can only have one save.

  • Simfan923

    I’m listening to the song and I’m picturing this being in the background for an announcement trailer.