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The Sims 4: SimGuruMegs wants your Feedback regarding New Skintones

SimGuruMegs is looking for your feedback regarding skintones in The Sims 4.

If you feel like there aren’t enough skintones in the game or you just feel like some important skintones are not included in the game, reply to SimGuruMegs’ tweet down below with your suggestion!

Down below you can take a look at all the skintones we have in the game for now (palette on the right side of the interface)

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  • SmurfetteSims here: When you look at CC content of skin tones vs The games, CC is way better at representing true tones. Even down to vitiligo. I think it would be good for Simsguru’s to look at some ethnic CAS to get a better idea of what is out there so that they can expand within the game.

  • Skin tones exist on a spectrum so there is no way you can represent them all. I feel like the tones that come with the game are better than cc. I only use cc skin if I want an extra feature.

  • is it possible to pic a base skin tone (like chose cool or warm skin tones. or pink or yellow skin tones) and do some sort of drag scroll bar thing to choose depth?

    considering how many mixed humans there are now, I’m still waiting to find someone who is half south asian half white.

    also, a blonde that isnt platinum and not yellow. and a lighter brown hair.

    those with mousy hair are sad hair color is either TOO dark or yellow.

    same with redheads. not everyone has deep ginger hair. we are waiting for dirty blonde, strawberry blonde and light orange.

    • Yes! This is such a good idea!
      Being able to pick a base skin color like pink, yellow/tan, neutral, olive, and cool – and then being able to use a light-to-dark slider to select a skin tone within that skin-base is probably the best solution.
      Even having 10 shades for each base-color would be an improvement. It’s a bit disappointing to have to choose between shade and color when creating sims.

  • I think we have a good selection of skin tones what we don’t really have are enough hair highlights, would be really nice to have a greater selection.

  • That’s actually not enterly true. A color wheel won’t let you achieve a realistic natural skintone. Sure you may be able to choose the perfect purple tone but a natural tan olive skin? Nah. Color wheels would only change the surface color of the skin in one block while human skin showcases multiple colores, undertones and highlights.
    It’s not an argument againts the color wheel, it’s just that I don’t think that would be the solutions. Multiple gradient sliders like in Sims 3 could be a wayt but, still, we’d need more than those it were offered then.

  • I think there should be more skin tones in sims 4. Everyone has a different skin color and compared to sims 3, there isn’t much variety in skin tones because there were sliders in sims 3 that gave you unlimited choices.