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5 features we’re hoping to see in The Sims 4 Pets

After over a decade of playing the Sims, it’s come to my attention that the Pets expansion has remained one of the most memorable packs.  It all started out with The Sims: Unleashed, which was released all the way back in 2002! Back then, our control over the pets and their diversity was limited.  Fast forward to The Sims 3: Pets, in which we could customize not only cats and dogs, but horses as well!  We’ve gotten some recent clues that a new Pets pack is in the works, and I couldn’t help but wonder what this new expansion might hold for us.  While we wait for the Pets to be officially announced in the (hopefully) near future, here are 5 features we’d love to see revamped in this pack.

1) Exotic Pets

Dogs and cats remain the classic pets, but smaller animals have always been a key feature in the Pets expansion.  Rodents, turtles, fish, snakes, lizards and parrots!  Each of these animals brought a diversity of interactions to the Sims’ lives.  It would be amazing to see our Sims build certain skills with their exotic pets, for instance practicing comedy/charisma with parrots, or developing wellness while gazing into a fish tank.


2) Adopt a Pet

While it is still unclear whether or not building our own pet shops will be an option, I believe that adopting a pet remains one of the more realistic traits to be retained from past expansions.  Picking up a pet who needs a forever home can prove to be a more rewarding challenge than creating your own!

3) Pet Careers

This feature first came out in The Sims 2: Pets.  Sims could choose one of three careers for their pets: Security, Service or Show Biz.  These careers would encourage a good relationship between the Sim and their pet, as they need to learn tricks in order to be promoted.  Considering the Get To Work expansion made it possible for us to accompany our Sim to their workplace, I think it would be interesting to do the same with the pet.

4) Developing Traits

I loved this trait in The Sims 3: Pets, as it also thoughtfully reflected real life.  Your Sim could affect how their pet’s personality developed.  This way, pets’ behaviors mirrored their owner’s personalities, and gameplay was more interesting.  The pets could acquire traits such as piggy, destructive, quiet or loyal. Of course, we could also manage what traits they gained by controlling them directly, but it was still a nice touch and deepened the pets’ personalities.

5) El Bandito

Remember that little raccoon?  Always looking to sift through your trash bin and make a huge mess, that one!  Your pets could even get into scuffles with him before he scampered off into the night time.  El Bandito was a cute feature in the first edition of the Sims.  Generally, I would love to see the return of wild animals within the new Pets expansion.  This would bring the Sims and their environment even closer together!  It would also be interesting for certain wild animals to only be found in specific neighborhoods, or in Granite Falls.

What do you want to see in a new Pets game pack? Let us know in the comments below!

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My name is Cassie and I'm originally from France! I live in PA and I mainly freelance as an illustrator. I absolutely love drawing, but my other hobbies include cooking, playing lots of video games and hiking the Appalachian Trail.

  • Sierra Rae Moore

    How could I have forgotten El Bandito? That would be a lovely little addition. Maybe they could add pests as a lot trait?

    • GabriellaSimmer

      amazing idea i agree. Personally I would love if pets,kids and teens could run away.

  • Peter and Kelly Moraitis

    Ferrets. I would LOVE to have ferrets.

    • Angie Marie Halstein

      Yes please

  • Ania Gie

    nope, nope, nope, nope, nope

  • simmytime

    Id love to have farming with the pets expansion, call it The Sims 4: Animals EP

  • Whitney

    I’m dying for a Pets expansion right now.

  • Ashleigh J

    Hedgehogs Ferrets all sorts of Parrots not just Macaws and Cockatoos. Ringnecks as well and Parakeets, Conures. I hope they keep Pitbulls too. Also the option to have a raccoon as a pet. I had to download a raccoon looking cat for TS3 it was cute! I also had a fox looking dog. We also NEED farm animals like goats and bunnies. But the bigger animals like goats and horses/pigs can be maybe playable?

    • Ashleigh J

      And the ability for your cat or dog to just randomly run away like ts3. I lost my damn cat for like a week in sims time

  • Holly Totten

    I would like to be able to run a pet adoption center, pet hospital, and pet salon. All should be possible using the Get To Work game mechanics.

  • LovelySims 4


  • Khristiaan

    I just want my dog to be able to bark without the need of a loading screen……woof!…….Ok why is there a spinning plumbob on my screen? 🙁

  • Mariah

    I want wild animals like deer and racoons

  • Logan Gross

    Looks Nice

  • Diane Liza Sims

    I want to also see farm animals too and of course all these options including the options from sims 2 and 3, or maybe even a zoo just to make things different.. but i’d be happy having pets in Sims 4 for sure!

  • Rebecca Lynn Byers-Lapier

    I would love for there to be more furried exotic pets!, such as Foxes, Ferrets, and Even Squirrles owo. And if not in the first expansion why not make it a stuff pack to the pets ones :), like Sims 4 Exotic Pets Stuff Pack :D, and the normal one would obviously be The Sims 4 Pets XD.

  • Charlotte Berg

    Playable farm animals, forest animals, I would like to be able to earn money on a farm, pet shop and a dog grooming salon. An outdoor turtle pen would be nice too. I really need animals in my simmers life! 🙂

  • Cinnamoncustard

    I’d love some wild animals like deers, squirrels, hedgehoges and rabbits

  • Cinnamoncustard

    Adopting or catching animals would be neat

  • Blue Jeans

    I was thinking that too… at exhorbitant prices so that only the rich and crazy Sims could own tigers and lions and such. Also, it would be fun if there was a chance for the wild animal to turn on the owner. New way for Sims to die! Death by exotic pet!

  • DasaDeath

    I think having the self-employment like we had in the sims 3 pets would be great. Or maybe being able to get a job as a dog walker, or even a pet sitting job would be cool. Oh and MORE Aspersions, as those are greatly needed for our human sims, and having the same for the pets be great. New traits would great for both. New perks from the aspersion store, and maybe one for the pets so they get their own point store.

    I’m gonna make a list below of other things including animals for everyone.

    1) Dogs, I wanna see ALL the different dog breeds, including wolfdogs,Russian beardogs and Irish wolfhounds. (and i pray their heights are done currently done right), also the return of mixed breeds would be great, like a cocker spinal/Lab mix would so cute (my boyfriend had one and sadly it died)
    2) Cats, Same thing as the dogs one.
    3) Exotic Pets – They were SO much fun in the sims 3 I’d love to see them again, and maybe Wolves ,Foxes and Owls could be added as options to own. Oh and more snakes would be nice.
    4) Adopt a Pet – Rescue pets are the best pets
    5) Puppy training – More then just and “AW” option with puppies, make them more involved in a sims life.
    6) Pet stores and Adoption Shelters – Wouldn’t be great to place down a building that’ll house your future furry,feathery or leathery best friend? and everything it needs? Cause i think it be great.
    7) Pet Careers – I never really played with this enough back in the sims 2. Plus being able to go to work with the pets would be cool, or if they could travel with your sim (if their in the right line of work) would really add more to the game, like the dogs could sniff out clues and evidence or cats if they can be trained for that. Oh and a falconer hobby could be cool.
    8) Burglars – In all honesty these guys should have come back with Get To Work, but now they can hopefully be chased away by a four legged protector, or self arrested by the sim (if their a cop)
    9) Horses and ponies – They just need to happen, they just have too. and maybe kids can actually ride them (unlike the sims three)
    10) A new world – I’m sure this is a given but maybe a revamped Appaloosa springs or a vast country like world for sims that just wanna get away and start a new.

  • Annie Diaz

    I love the idea of wild animals in Granite Falls! I would love to see pet bunnies and guinea pigs, and exotic reptiles, like bearded dragons or axolotls ❤️ I would also love to see more active careers, like a veterinary clinic or dog grooming salon.

  • Renge

    As for me, I’d like to see exclusive pets, when the supernatural EP will be in the game, for example witches’ cats in TS2 🙂

  • Emma Jarvis

    Please I want to have animals back I miss them

  • Courtney Burgess

    I would love it if Horses can come out and maybe unicorns as well as deers please Q>Q

  • Rogue Samurai (Jzoe7)

    OK, here are some of the things I’d like to see in Sims 4: Pets.

    1. Wildlife. Ranging from deer that your Sim can attempt to pet to giant snakes that try to make a meal out of your sim, seeing wild life (especially in Granite Falls) would be a nice addition.

    2. Farm animals would be awesome as well. Riding horses, milking cattle (even though we have the cowplant), feeding pigs, and running from chickens, farm animals would be welcoming.

    3. A zoo. This would bring in all sorts of interesting interactions for your sims.

    4. Pet games. Like playing fetch to the dog olympics.

  • Tessa

    I would love to see a Veterinarian career like how they did with Doctors in the Get to Work expansion. We need more careers we can actually play, and not a title we just send our sims away to everyday.

    • Natalie Sullivan


  • Unknown

    Puppy or animal dates, like you can set up a play-date/date with you and your loved one!
    Going to work would be my #1 though as it is defiantly the best and a cool, nice feature!
    Maybe well they’re adding it, add werewolves? 🙂

  • Catherine Bevis

    I would love to see wild horses in the new pets game. as well as foals. those were cute! Maybe the children could ride the foals? that would be fun.

  • Catherine Bevis

    And maybe a little rocking horse for toddlers.

  • ms. piggy

    i want pigs

  • ms. piggy

    and horsy

  • Aiichi382

    I can already garden, so having farm animals would be the best! Like, milking the cows in the morning, then mosey over to the chickens and give ’em a feed before i harvest the eggs. Truffle sniffing pigs would be awesome, too!

  • A Fry

    I’d like to see them add a zoo pack or farm pack. I’d like to expand all that gardening to a full fledged farmyard.

    • Huck Perry


  • Diane

    Chickens, squirrels,Donkeys… Maybe a Monkey too?

  • AdamH

    I really hope pet careers are not coming back. I always felt it’s more like animal abuse than anything else.

    But I hope horses will be back.

  • Cat Dragonbane

    I think farm animals could happen if they implement horses, but they would be probably be minimal and probably more like the chicken coop and milking station (or whatever it was called) from The Sims 3 Store. A zoo is just way too big for this game though–or any The Sims game in the future. The game would need to be able to function a lot better than it does currently. I think a zoo is more reserved for a new Zoo Tycoon-type game. However, we could get raccoons back. I don’t think that would be too overwhelming on the game. I’m not sure about other wildlife, though I’d like to see some in Granite Falls.

    I would love to see a large selection of small animals (especially a wider variety of parrots since they apply to my real life) and more ways to interact with frogs and the ability to feed fish and play with their tank water. I think that could be do-able… As much as I’d like to see an aviary-type structure for birds that works like the aquariums, I’m not sure if that would work either, but I can dream. Maybe we’ll get a large cage with the ability to house multiple birds and a modder will make my dream come true. Hah

  • ZweliSims

    I want the ability to adopt puppies, you couldn’t do that in ts3 only elderly and adult pets. also some additional interactions with the fish and frogs that are already in game would be great

  • Angie Marie Halstein

    Ferrets please !! I wanna be able to make all my pets.

  • David Gridley

    Pet shops?

  • demi

    are there going to be horses

    • Emma Harmsen

      I think there will be horses I think. Because they have so much time before the pack to come out! So there are not only gonna be cats and dogs because it will be boring then :

  • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

    Being able to be a farmer and a vet is something I really want.

  • Charry

    I would love if you added more fishies! A Silver Arowana would be AMAZING.

  • Brianne Croninger

    Farm animals please!!! (Horses)

  • itsmedee123

    A Sims Farm Life would be great! Or a SIms Ranch

  • ZweliSims

    I want there to be a ranch lot or maybe even neighborhood for horses, or a neighborhood like ts3’s Appaloosa Plains dedicated to pets, that would be nice.

  • Hernan D. Ocampo

    I love this expansion of pets that we expect in the sims 4 and already saliedon in the sims 1,2 and 3 I want that the pets can leave of house to walk and to interact with them and that can have up to 6 pets, Please

  • Caitie

    Pet careers always felt exploitative to me. But I do want pet stores back! Like in Sims 2, when you would click on the display thing with an animal already inside. I just always loved that, the thrill of going down to the store and adopting your new friend! (And using it to build more of an animal shelter / SPCA thing would be so much fun!) Owning a store where you sell animals and animal items would also be just heaven. The pet store in Sims 3 was okay, and it had a lot of very attractive features, but it felt so sterile without the animals themselves. Every pet store I’ve ever seen sell at least fish and small animals like hamsters.

    Speaking of which: more realistic animal interaction! Have the strays running around, yes please; but also have sims walking their dogs (with an actual leash!) pass your house as well as the joggers and the strollers, and have your sim greet both the sim and the dog by giving it their hand to smell, like you would in real life. Have the dogs stay confined to your property, especially in the suburban towns that the Sims 4 team seem so obsessed with. Have mischievous dogs trying to dig under the fence, then getting loose and refusing to come back to your sim — and have a new NPC, the dogcatcher, who might be giving you a call if you can’t retrieve your dog fast enough! Have the dogcatcher picking up stray dogs. Have an actual colony of feral cats, not just one or two running around every so often then leaving, never to be seen again; but an actual colony. Have them keeping your sim up at night with their meowing and screeching, and your sim have to go outside with pots and pans to quiet them down, like they sometimes have to knock on their neighbor’s apartment in San Myshuno.

    And yes to wildlife! Our towns feel so barren without squirrels scurrying around, or raccoons knocking over our trashcans! They tried to fill that gap in with the pigeons spawned around San Myshuno and the small critters/birds around Granite Falls, and it helps a lot; but there’s wildlife in urban areas, as well, and I’d love to see things like that happen. The smaller ones can even be spawners, I don’t mind! But also deer and raccoons, and bring back the bunnies menacing my garden!

  • Rain Sims

    Id love pet foxes, horses, and ravens ♡♡♡

  • Gala M.

    Farm animals. Job like farmers, stables with horses..it will be awesome..and of course forest animals, deers, friendly bears, birds etc.

  • ZweliSims

    gonna be next quarter, we just found some animations and whenever we find animations its released the following quarter.

  • Rowena Wolff

    I would LOVE to have the horses froms TS3 back.
    I loved that xpack.

  • Natalie Sullivan

    yes<3333×10000 I WANT PETS & SEASONS & CARS

  • Stephanie LaVigne

    I’d like to have adoption animals not show their traits, it would be more realistic and more of a gamble.
    I also think it would be cool to have exotic animals most people haven’t heard of and have to study books about them or experiment to care for them properly.

  • Fluffy Bunny

    I’m really hoping for horses and ponies, but just don’t think it’s likely to happen without there being another world created for them.The beauty of the horses in TS3 was the ability to create 64 x 64 equestrian lots, edit worlds for the horses and for the IRL horse people, download the vast amount of horsey cc created by other real life riders etc.I cannot stand the very limited maps and loading screens in TS4 as it is(I loved the continuous map in TS3) so can’t imagine how they’d make horses/farm animals etc possible without a world specifically for the larger animals.
    For people who don’t ride in real life/know anything about horses it may be enough fun in game to stick a horse in a tiny stable, let it randomly wander around town and have their sims just ride for fun on top of other game content like career/hobbies/skills/collections (As is intended by EA, I’m not hating xD) but those of us who do mod, cc and really ‘play horse’ on the sims 3 by making the equines, their tack, objects, world and lots realistic, we would probably be very disappointed with whatever they may provide in sims 4.The modded horse community for TS3 is multicultural, worldwide and *enormous* and there is so much gorgeous cc out there for it so if EA intend to encourage that with TS4 they’ll have to really pull it out of the bag, or people may just go back to sims 3 to play with pets, as I have already done.I now only play TS4 for the flawless cc and Get To Work as to me it just still hasn’t beat TS3 regardless of graphics capabilities and add ons.
    I know EA don’t design specific packs to suit the niche communities alone, but it would be a let down :/ Again, regular players who aren’t really horsey may still LOVE to see them come to sims 4 and I’m sure it would still be super fun for the vast majority, but I’m not hopeful in terms of them producing something to satisfy the enormous horsey sims community who spend 95% of their game play training, showing, breeding and using cc.
    Otherwise for dogs, cats, small mammals and exotics I would be super excited to see what can be brought to TS4!

  • iamno1

    give me a cat and dog. I’ll be happy.

  • Letia Michelle Ames

    I would and have always loved the idea of a homestead expansion. I want cows, chickens, and horses. I want my sims to learn to bottle and preserve too. Seeing deer would be cool, but I totally would like the farm more.

  • Kaitlin Nicole

    Farm animals. Horses dairy cows beef cows pigs. Milking parlor horse trainer veterinarian career that you can go to with your sim. Cats dogs wild animals. Maybe they could do a farming expansion where you can actually plant fields ect.