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Create a new Stuff Pack for The Sims 4!

The Sims Team has announced a brand new project today which involves YOU! The Sims 4’s future Stuff Pack will be all about the theme, gameplay features and objects in-game that you pick out! More information in the official post below:

Hi Simmers! Today marks the start of an exciting partnership between those of us here at Maxis, and each and every one of you. We’re here today to announce a new project where we want you to help us create an all-new Stuff Pack for The Sims™ 4. How will this work? Let us explain…

Today is the first major inflection point for this upcoming Stuff Pack, and we’re looking to you and The Sims community to guide this pack through its critical steps of development. We’re going to ask you the same questions we ask ourselves, and ultimately we’ll have a pack we can all be proud of. Development here in Maxis is always a collaborative process, with input from multiple disciplines to shape everything that we create. By adding your voices and your feedback, we’re going to make a Stuff Pack that represents your desires.

From now until April 6th, we’re gathering your votes at the bottom of this blog to help select the theme of this Stuff Pack.  At this early stage of pre-production, we pair potential features with a theme to help conceptualize the pack we aspire to create. You’ll see those features mentioned in the survey, but to be clear – you are not selecting specific features in this vote. Feature selection will occur in a separate vote, at a later time in the campaign.

The entire development of this new Stuff Pack will give you a transparent look into how Maxis works together to make new experiences for your Sims. Not only will your votes help determine what we create, but we’ll also be sharing in-depth information about our progress throughout the development process. We’ll show you images and videos of the Stuff Pack throughout development, so you can see what we see when we’re building the game. You’ll have a window into our process, be it an inside look at the meetings we hold, to gaining insight into how we respond to unexpected challenges. Along the way you’re going to meet other developers on our team, and learn about what they contribute.

You can take part in a new section of our forums that’s dedicated to this project. It’s there that we’ll post regular updates, and we’ll jump in to engage in spontaneous discussions. Your feedback in the forums will be another opportunity to help shape the course of this pack. Of course, participating can be as simple as just voting. Be sure to circle the following dates on your calendar, and return to to make your voice heard.

•   Theme Vote (April 3rd – April 6th): Select the overall theme for the pack. Every part of the pack will be influenced by this key decision.
•   Art Style Vote (April 10th – April 12th): Select between proposed art styles for the pack, which will guide our concept artists in the objects and clothing they create.
•   Objects & Clothing Vote (May 18th – May 21st): Browse through the concept art we’ve drawn for the pack, and select your top choices to help us determine which objects and pieces of clothing are included.
•   Feature Vote (June 23rd – June 26th): Select the top gameplay feature(s) you want to have included in the pack.
•   Pack Icon Vote (Fall): Peruse different icons and select the one that will appear in the pack’s box art and within the in-game catalog.
•   Pack Title Vote (Fall): Select a title that best summarizes the pack’s atmosphere and content.

For years, we’ve worked to make Sims games that we think you’ll love. This unique opportunity to work directly with all of you has our team incredibly excited. So come on… put on your honorary Producer cap and come join us. Let’s build something great, together. We can’t wait to learn more about what we’ll start making in just a few short days!

The five themes you’ll be voting on represent some of the most requested additions we’ve seen on the forums that fit within the scope of a Stuff Pack. They are…

Eco Living Stuff – Adopt new home technologies to help your Sim with domestic responsibilities and live an eco-friendly life. Potential areas of focus include laundry, home technology, and solar energy.

Starter Home Stuff – Customize your household with affordable, pre-owned furniture and clothing that’s perfect for Sims just starting out (or struggling to get by). Potential areas of focus include space-saving furniture, multi-function appliances, and yard sale items.

Arcade Stuff – Take your Sims to an arcade for an afternoon of entertainment with friends! Potential areas of focus include arcade activities, games of skill, and social experiences.

Dangerous Stuff – Live life on the edge by subjecting your Sims to new dangers that celebrate the afterlife. Potential areas of focus include Sim deaths, funeral experiences, and the Grim Reaper.

Wedding Stuff – Make your Sim’s big day an even bigger celebration with new wedding content and experiences. Potential areas of focus include wedding customization, the ceremony, and cultural diversity.


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  • I think a nature pack with a natural world (no streets) and mountains, and beaches and hills and all that could be in one pack, or it could be the world for a possible upcoming seasons expansion. So yeah, it sucks that you aren’t able to live in a cool world like granite falls for survival let’s play, or farmer let’s plays, or just sims that like to be alone.

  • Wedding Stuff sounds cool. It would be nice to have sims actually be bridesmaids and groomsmen instead of having to pose them.(of course being able to actually pick the sims up and place them would be cool too, like we could in sims 2)….


  • I WANT EVERYRHING! except that arcade game stuff.. the sims 4 had enough hedonism things like that it gets boring-_- more REALISTIC sstuffs yay!!!

  • I would like the Eco living and wedding stuff. I would love to see the play out of the wedding ceremony and social activities. I would love to see the Sim have more responsibilities in the home as I do.

  • Dear creative team,

    Happy new year! I wanna say thank you for the hard work you guys put into all your game.I believe some games can Bring positive chages into players or bad impact. But by far The Sims you have done it,well done.

    I wanna introduce the sims in my state here in Africa.To teenagers who are going through emotional breakdown,and to those who had been hanging with the wrong group.Just to keep them out of trouble and to occupy them with this interesting game.Just to keep their minds busy and entertained.Who knows maybe something might come out of it.

    Maybe one of the youths might be interested in being an architect.

    I am a parent and my kid has been stealing money just to purchase game item.Well at first I didn’t notice because it was only 10$ ,but this time he has gone far as to steal 2000$. I thought he was hanging in a bad gang and all evil thoughts went through my mind. If its a must you need to make cash make dolls or action vigorous.
    2000$ to 200$ Can pay hospital bills,get someone a roof over their heads.

    Anyway i am writing to you guys because i have good intentions towards your games.Mostly The Sim.

    NOTE: Plesase please do forgive me if this ideas are already in process or already thought of.And it may be a silly or may also not be the reason why the game was designed for.But with each year that passes people do want something new. Because we are different people,people with different ideas,inspiration,contributions and expectations.

    More options of human Insurrections.

    (A) I have been play with an app called “choice” stories you play. One of the products of Pixelberry Studios.

    Well the whole reason i am suggesting this is that you might find more options of interactions and facial expression. Like

    – kiss on a cheek,kiss on the forehead
    – gentleman gestures

    Also i am referring to a specific book from choices. Its the “The freshman “ a story about a teen trying to get to a university/college.Where she meets different friends and a very interesting Professor,and alot of drama that she cant handle.Like love,trust,and trying to stay in university.

    Well maybe if you and Pixelberry Studios join forces,you can do something the players would never think that its possible for the sims to make players feel so attached and very emotional. Making this game a multi purpose game.

    Please do take your time to go through it. I am thinking its a risk but give it a try.This may last generations to come.


    (A) Add physical activities like games or sports like:

    – Jumping rope for all age groups(i got the inspiration from the movie “jump in”)
    – Make sims ride bikes,bicycles,cars

    (B) Make the the sims watch tv from their beds.Fix the light bulbs on a ladder

    (C) Make the sims have a behavior very close to human behavior in real like sitting on a couch being very comfortable like folding one leg and maybe while having a conversation with a group of friends.

    (D) Have the sims open cabinets to revile cleaning supplies,plates,glasses cups and food.

    (E) Have the sims open drawers to revile,spoon,candles,clothes and hammers

    (F) Have more options to furniture if its cabinets,drawers,toilets,floors,roofs,couches

    (G) have the sims look for lost or misplaced items on couches,drawers,clothes and under the bed.