The Sims 4: Family-Themed Game Pack coming this Spring!

The Sims Team has just confirmed in their latest Quarterly Teaser that the fifth Game Pack for The Sims 4 will be family-themed!

We don’t have a specific name of this pack but we can speculate about what the pack can bring.

Thiis Game Pack is expected to release this Spring and we can expect more information as we get closer to the release date.

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    • Oh no, please, don’t. I don’t want to get excited just to be disappointed later.
      Looking at her body, she seems to be a teenager from the game, however, she probably is doing homework and the book isn’t as big as the one which teens from the game have. It looks more like children’s homework to me so maybe EA is really going to add preteens.
      That would be awesome but no one can really be sure.

    • There has been some speculation around the topic, I myself hope it is, pre-teens would be a great addition to game it would be refreshing to see a new life stage added to the sims game after 13 years of the same life stages since The Sims 2 o;

      Nothing is for sure, I would not recommend getting your hopes up too high just to be crushed by disappointment tho…

    • Maybe not a preteen, but I actually hope they give Teens a cosmetic change, even if its just height, so they can look different than YA/A/E.

      • so the third quarter um is that exactly and are u sure that’s when we get most of them i mean this one is due in spring when would that be aroudn this month or we getting both in summer

        • The Game Pack Is coming in Spring & the Stuff Pack is coming in Summer and then the third quarterly teaser should be released soon after the Stuff Pack. Also if we do get the Expansion in the third quarter EA usually makes a blog post announcement before the quarterly teaser, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. So basically to sum it up GP Spring, SP Summer + EP announcement (maybe) & third quarterly teaser! 🙂

        • The Game Pack is coming in Spring & the Stuff Pack is coming in Summer. Also if they do release an EP in the next quarter they wouldn’t announce it in the teaser, usually they post a blog post announcement for it before the teaser, that’s what they did with City Living. 🙂

  • Not that I’m against this new pack (In fact I’m really looking forward to something to do with families), but personally I don’t really see the point of preteens because the children in the game behave like them already. I don’t think that the kids in the game act like kids at all. It’s like they made a life stage that covers the ages 6-15. They play with toys and get scared about monsters under the bed, but they’re pretty independent. There’s just things that the game doesn’t allow them to do/use. I hope whatever this new pack is, it gives more family interactions, because all the children can do with their parents is ask for toys or ask about being old It would be nice if there were moodlets gained from interacting with their parents and siblings; teens could get embarrassed about babysitting their younger siblings, or children could get angry about a teen’s independence, or if children and teens could defy the way toddlers do (cos they do in real life). Another thing that would make kids more like kids is asking permission for things, like having a friend round or going out somewhere; the kids just seem to do as they please and no one reacts to it… Parents don’t even react if a kid drops a grade or misses school or doesn’t do their homework. Really, I think the principal should be calling the parents when kids do things like this. That’s why they seem more like preteens already. Not to mention they added the BEtween channel and tween pop. The only thing they’re missing is the romance option in the socials, but there’s already a school event about a potential crush. But I can understand why the did this because really, if you’re under 18 (16 in my country) you’re legally, and considered by most, a child. So I suppose it makes sense that they would make a life stage that covers a range of ages. It would just be nice if everyone else in the game treated them like kids; I always find it weird when random adults and elders start speaking to my kids in the game, or looking in the relationship panel to find them friends with one.

    • “Preteens”* would be cool because Children are like 5 to 8 or 9 and Teens are like 15 1/2 to 18 That few year gap is HUGE in a persons development. I mean 13 year old’s usually don’t play with dolls or play house like the children do, but their also not driving, getting jobs, dating or fooling around like the teens.

      *I say preteen in quotes because its more like preteen to 16ish.