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The Sims 4: Fitness-Themed Stuff Pack coming this Summer!

The Sims Team has teased the 11th Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 which seems to be revolving around Fitness!

Although the Pack name is not known yet, we can expect more information about this Stuff Pack as we get closer to Summer. Heads up that this quarter lasts until the end of June!

Make sure you check out more from the quarterly teaser and stay tuned on all the latest news!

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  • Confused. Didn’t we already get gyms, spas, equipment, and yoga stuff in the Spa pack? Sounds repetitive and like a waste.

  • What about other options to build also like stairs. Not just me but I have seen a lot of people asking different stairs we got bored of the same ones all the time. What about punk beds for kids. I know there are lots of US out there who don’t even use ccs or modes. Please help us to improve more options to build our homes.

  • I know there’s not much to do with fitness other than the one aspiration and the athlete career, but I’m pretty sure NO ONE asked for this. Hopefully this means there’s a lot of effort being put into what has been asked for. My sim still has no job because I want to be a vet, lol.

  • So sick of this
    Why don’t they give us s**t that isn’t already in the game
    We already have fitness stuff

  • Can we expect to have a new job with this pack? Would like it if the pack include a job where our Sims could either choose to go to a working detestation where we could follow them to work like in Sims 4 Get to Work or stay home and work out or whatever they have to do to progress in their job.

  • more fitness stuff, o no, o dear, another pointless stuff pack after just getting another one … where are the pets, seasons, witches, things which are not in the game maybe?

  • I was wondering if it was a joke from EA, they are already obsessed with sports, I weaken, if they do not moderate, they spend their days on fitness equipment, there are more interesting things to explore, Second place of vacation, see new trades, new social activities in group, nautical activities … They can do wellness activities, they do not go automatically, it is always on fitness equipment, it Should swing a bit all this, review and improve what also exists … Ideas among so many others in fact …;)