The Sims 4

The Sims 4: NEW QUARTERLY TEASER! (April – June 2017)

The Sims Team released a brand new Quarterly Teaser for The Sims 4, showcasing all the new content coming to The Sims 4 in April, May and June 2017.

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  • I feel like that new gamepack is like a generations one, and I would think that sim on the back is a preteen but I won’t get my hopes up… Also, why are they keeping the next expansion pack such a secret?

    • Probably as like last year we didn’t hear any news of ep name until the fall. So I’m thinking, could be wrong and hope I am, that expansion won’t be released until November? I wish it would be sooner. And hoping for seasons, University or pets. If it’s NOT one of them lots of players will be angry.

  • I really hope the game pack has pre-teens.
    I’m also not really a fan of an exercise themed stuff pack..

    • I hope so too. Maybe if they patch them in pre release, but I kind of still doubt we will get them. At least right now that is because we got toddlers not that long ago.

  • I am not feeling this one. I prefer the last GP. But good for family players! I would rather, sims superstar GP or Fame, Music, playing in a band, gift giving celebrations, romance and others. This looks boring, specially the SP. Prob not buying the SP.

    The GP, maybe, depending if has some hobbies like flower arranging, some better things to do like gift giving or better parties and celebrations.

  • Odd how we haven’t found any clues in the files towards that Family GP…
    AND the teaser doesn’t even remotely hint at new gameplay…
    My guesses are stuff that we should expect from previous games like acne (hopefully brought back from its moodlet status), deeper interactions, and expanded lifestages. But I just can’t see a new LIFE STAGE being added on such short timing from Toddlers. For the people saying that kid in the back is a Pre-tee, either they decided to shrink the teen skeleton down so that it is literally a tiny adult, or that’s a teen (and why would they show it off BEFORE they GP icon sweeps across?).