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The Sims 4: PlantSims *could* be expanded in the future!

You’re probably wondering if this is all we’re going to get in terms of PlantSim features and options in The Sims 4. Sure, they have 2 different needs but beside that, PlantSims don’t really offer much.

SimGuruMegs stated (but made no promise) that PlantSims could be expanded in the future.

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  • Nuclearxpotato

    My guess, Base Game Plant Sims are based off of a full lifestate (albeit an incomplete one) that they had code lying around for. They just patched it into the game for the spring challenge because why not?

    • JoaaoPT

      Plantsims in past games didn’t do much either, and in the sims 4 we get them for free, I can see some expansion opportunities for this life state.

  • Caitie

    Are we forgetting that we’ve already had plantsims in the game? They came in Cool Kitchen Stuff. You made a special ice cream flavor, and it turned your sim into a plantsim temporarily.

  • Caitie

    They also wanted to spend more time outdoors and in the water. The game officially called them “plantsims”, even if they weren’t as involved as a full life state. No need to get rude. They came with an item in a stuff pack, so you can’t expect anything as complicated as, say, the vampires that had their own game pack devoted just to themselves. I’m glad we’re getting them fleshed out, but I’m just saying that it’s not like we haven’t seen any plantsims in our game yet.

  • Dana

    The Plantsims in TS2 were engaging and fun to play with for many reasons. Firstly there needs were easy to take care of; love (social), water and sunlight, that was it! Which meant that you could get on with the more interesting stuff. They had new abilities and animations that fit with their life-state. Lastly they could reproduce on their own by sprouting (lol) a cute flower-headed baby out of their heads. EA have made them worse over the games/years.