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The Sims Team has just revealed to us that The Sims Mobile is coming soon to App Store and Google Play worldwide!

The Sims Mobile will be soft launching on the Apple App and Google Play Stores in Brazil shortly.

In The Sims Mobile, we’ve included a bunch of the features you know and love from both The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay, as well as introduced some brand-new features, including creating and customizing Sims, building their homes, shaping your Sims’ legacy, and playing together with friends!

You can check out the trailer for The Sims Mobile down below and learn more about this game by checking out the Frequently Asked Questions post!

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  • Maciej Tartas

    It looks like it has more gameplay than TS4

  • Maciej Tartas

    Looks like it has more gameplay than PC/MAC TS4

    • ZweliSims

      sad but true

  • Rohan Nagpal

    when it is coming in soft launch ?

    • Khristiaan

      I just want to know if we are soft this time are we eventually going to get “hard”? Through a launch I mean…:)

      • IslaRose

        I’m sure we can get there, if we work together.

  • Charlotte Lister (Sportygirl98

    I’m so confused they all ready have the sims free play why this

  • Muriel Eilish Rients

    AAAAHHHH I’m so excited! I can’t wait for this !

    • Nebula Sims

      its out now in brazil 😉

  • Frida Flr

    They showed items from almost all of the packs… I wonder if the Origin Store will be linked with this, so you if you have already bought a pack for your main game, it will appear in the mobile one…

    • ZweliSims

      all of the content from all of the packs is already in the sims mobile

  • Natividad Andino

    This is freakin awesome!

  • Maple Simmer

    From what I’ve been seeing you still have to wait just like Sims Freeplay (unless you pay to make time go by)

  • TwistedMexican

    I don’t think so, seems like you have a time system that once spent, leaves you doing the usual freemium crap like friend invites/buying currency to continue unless you want to wait to play again.

  • A_mom

    Free will?

    • Nebula Sims


      • Nebula Sims

        its out now in brazil

  • Nuclearxpotato

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO OLYMPUS. They just combined it with Sims Freeplay and moved it to mobile.

  • Shayla Pearson

    OMG this looks amazing i can’t wait !!! I wonder will they actually be pregnant? Lol i lovee sims sooo much

  • And EA wonders why I drink

  • IslaRose

    I’m guessing it follows standard mobile game format, in which pretty much everything it timegated or behind a paywall. Notice the different currencies on the gameplay screen? I’m sure one of them is based on a cash shop exchange.

  • IslaRose

    Now I’ll be able to get my sims fix while playing Black Desert :X

  • Grace Kornelis Tumewu

    i love it! especially i can meet another simmers and talk together!♡