The Sims 4 Game Pack 5: New Teaser by SimGuruPJ

SimGuruPJ has changed his avatar with some elements from the upcoming fifth game pack for The Sims 4. Check it out!

We’re probably getting closer to the actual full announcement of this game pack seeing that the gurus are allowed to share some actual features from the game. Stay tuned to our The Sims 4 Game Pack 5 news category for all the latest news!

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  • Nuclearxpotato

    Ahh yes, they have expanded their methods of drip-feeding from leaking in the files to also updating their avatars one-by-one, days (possibly a week but I doubt it) before the pack’s announce trailer.

  • Ania Gie

    you call is teaser? are you joking in bad fashion?

    • jovjovan

      A pack is being teased using an image that contains content from GP5, therefore the title “Teaser by SimGuruPJ”

      • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

        Would be nice if the first teaser had said ‘teaser’ in the title, lol. I mistook it for news since it said ‘first look’.

    • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

      This is what teasers are like, nothing wrong here.

  • Dylan

    This is so annoying, a game pack of just pimples and acne

    • axel

      These is just a teaser not an announcement so there is more than that.

  • Princess Mia

    I bet it’s a Teenagers pack!

    • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

      I’m pretty sure it’s a family pack (just based off of the logo) but the acne could be hinting towards preteens.

  • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

    I’m going crazy with just teasers and no news.

  • iandy

    Why is everything with S4 so quite? I remember things kept coming up and up with S3, ones after another, store contents, new worlds, new packs, always something coming to be expected. Gosh..

  • Yess! Acne is back! I loved this feature, so realistic.