The Sims 4 Parenthood: 4 New Images accidentally leaked some new information about The Sims 4’s fifth Game Pack – including the name of the pack Parenthood and 4 new images. Check them out and get ready for the full reveal in just a few hours!

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Original Source: Elelunicy

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  • Fatema Yesmin

    Omg sims 4 parenthood!!

  • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

    That’s such an awesome name, I’m glad since parenthood is my favourite part of the game, lol.

    • Khaldrogo

      OMG! You guys are getting on my nerves with this preteen stuff! Children are preteens!!!!!

      • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

        If you look at my comments in the early Parenthood announcements, you’ll see that I share the same opinion as you. I never said I wanted preteens, I said it looks like one because a lot of people have been talking about the possibility of them being added. The only reason I would want preteens is if they make children more childlike, because they’re not at all. I have hopes that even if they don’t add another life stage, children will behave more like little kids in the game.

      • KayeStar

        A pre-adolescent is considered to be the age range of 10 to 12. You know, right before puberty? Hence the pre- prefix?


    Is that boy in the first image a pre-adolescent? Does not look like children or teenagers

    • benji_br

      I agree he looks younger than most teens, but if they were to add a new age group I think they would be shown in more screenshots…

      • Miss.

        Who knows they might want to surprise us again.

        • benji_br

          well I would love that! hehe

      • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

        This was an accidental leak, so we shouldn’t be seeing anything, lol.

      • Rees

        I’m with Courtney on this. But I believe that we’re getting an official announcement today right? According to the teaser. I think EA usually does announcements and whatnot around 10am? Unless that changed and I forgot lol

    • Jesster711

      That HAS to be a preteen!!!

      • AK BARKER

        He was a teenager … he was just sitting ;-;

  • MaxisCreator

    Looks like “Models” will be a new collectable in this Pack as there are many models on these screenshots (e.g. farming barn, flower garden, bridge)

    We might even get to build these models on our own on a new gameplay object.

    • MaxisCreator

      And finally a new single bed in the second screenshot! <3

    • Rees

      Unless those end up being ordinary toys… Let’s hope for the best!

  • Vilma Valančiūnaitė

    I am going to dieee

  • Jesster711

    I have to agree with everyone, that looks like a preteen in the first picture. The girl on the couch looks like a teenager and there is no way they are the same height!! I can’t wait to watch the official trailer today.

  • It’s called PARENTHOOD!! That’s so frigging cute!!

  • Whitney

    This is so adorable.

  • km

    I see a new science table, and what looks like crafts!

    • Rees

      I was thinking that might be a science table too. If it is one, it’ll be nice to have more variety.

  • SimmyShell

    Is that a sulky emoji over the teen girl? Cool!!!

  • Mette Romih

    Is it just me or does the red haired mom in the picture with the two teenage boys really look like Amber?

  • KayeStar

    If they did add pre-teens, I hope they’ll add preschoolers next.

  • Lyssa Hill

    Can’t wait. So excited !!!

  • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

    Lol, they’re already in the game.