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The Sims 4 Eco Living: Help Us Pick Objects and Clothing For a New Stuff Pack


Welcome back Simmers! You’ve arrived just in time to take part in the next round of voting for our upcoming Stuff Pack – a collaboration between Maxis, and each and every one of you. If you’re just joining us, this is an exciting new project that we unveiled in April, and I’d encourage you to learn more about it in our announcement blog.

This vote will be the most in-depth one yet, and it’s your choices that have helped us create what you’ll be seeing here today. In the initial vote you selected eco-living as a broad theme for this Stuff Pack. In the second vote, you picked your favorite art style that you felt best represented the theme. Our discussions so far have been about how this pack feels, how it looks, and what it’s about… vague concepts that help provide direction as we move forward. In today’s vote though, you’ll be selecting many of the actual assets that you’ll play with when you get your hands on this pack.

In the weeks since our last blog, our concept artists have been hard at work drawing a variety of objects and clothing that fits within the selected art style. For objects, we thought this pack would be well suited for players who want to build a sunroom or a mudroom, and focused on the types of objects you would find in that setting. For clothing, we were really drawn to minimalist clothing done in a country boho style.

Your contributions have continued to be important; the overwhelming response to SimGuruKimmi’s reference post on the forums has provided inspiration for the concept art that you’ll see within the survey.

During development of a typical Stuff Pack, this would be the point in the process where our Art Director would provide recommended selections. We would then meet as a group to discuss what we liked, what we wanted to change, and what we felt was needed to release a cohesive pack. With a community vote, we’re going to have to handle this process a bit differently, and I want to take a moment to explain how this vote will work in the interest of transparency.

In the survey, you’ll select your favorite assets in two categories – one for objects, and one for clothing and Sim accessories. Each section will have a collage that displays the different assets that you can select from. In the objects section, you’ll select up to 28 of your favorite objects. In the clothing section, you’ll select up to 14 of your favorite pieces of clothing and accessories.

Now, while you as an individual may choose a well-rounded pack through your selections, when we tally the entire community’s vote together the balance of what was selected may be skewed. For example, we don’t want to create a pack where a third of our objects are chairs, and all of the pieces of clothing are shirts. We want to make a pack that offers a bit of something for everyone. We’ll be interpreting the voting results to pluck out your top choices across a range of different types of objects and clothing, so that the pack can be used to build a complete room, or dress a Sim in a complementary outfit.

This survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete, as you browse through the art and narrow things down to your top choices. Voting ends on May 21, 2017 at 10AM PT.

Click here to take the survey.


Clearly our concept artists have been busy, and the rest of us on the Stuff Pack team will be getting heavily involved soon. The Feature Vote on June 23rd is just around the corner, so we’ll be holding brainstorms and writing short design blurbs (our term for mini designs comprised of a few sentences). In the meantime, please continue to participate in SimGuruGraham’s Corner on the forums, and make note of these important dates:

•   Objects & Clothing Vote (May 18th – May 21st): Browse through the concept art we’ve drawn for the pack, and select your top choices to help us determine which objects and pieces of clothing are included.

•   Feature Vote (June 23rd – June 26th): Select the top gameplay feature(s) you want to have included in the pack.

•   Pack Icon Vote (Fall): Peruse different icons and select the one that will appear in the pack’s box art and within the in-game catalog.

•   Pack Title Vote (Fall): Select a title that best summarizes the pack’s atmosphere and content.

You may find answers to commonly asked questions in the FAQ for this project.

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    • You mean /you/ don’t care about style B, because clearly it was voted for since it is the theme of the pack.

      • No, I mean that their survey results are /pure BS/ since there is /no such community/ in the first place. /You’re not fooling anyone/, /so give the routine a rest/.

        • Eh, I chose Style B. Dunno what you mean there is no community because there is. Even seen a lot of the images and items suggested here from the sims forums that made it into the pack.

          • Well I dunno what /you/ mean because there isn’t. There’s a huge list of permanent bans (like thousands), and even the people who were friendly and supportive have all been blocked. The only people who are posting in the official forums are the customer service people, and they don’t have any idea of what a community looks like, so there’s no possibility that anyone has voted for any of those options.

          • What are you talking about? The surveys were made public. The links were even posted here. I voted for A so I can sympathize, but there’s no need to be salty.

          • Sure, it’s always public… the drama routine, the defamation and negative feedback, the ‘leaking’ of confidential information about future releases, the illiteracy of their community managers, the continuous posting of strawmen, non-sequiturs (such as ‘we’re aggressively broadcasting our fraud routine, therefore the recipients must be members of our community’), irrational contradiction of statements from genuine members, and of course, the surveys with lists of options which are never relevant to consumer feedback. For example:

            Feedback: “I want my sims to work and socialize freely within their neighborhoods.”
            Survey: Choose features for the new work and social pack!
            A: Decorative version of classic object which can only activate one animation.
            B: Décor pack which contains wall-mountable images of same classic object and has no functional features.
            C: Anything trendy which requires no work, no comprehension of intellectual history, contradicts community feedback, and ensures that no one can argue that the product isn’t meeting the spec of previous since it’s not the same product and they want to “bring us a new experience.”

            What a coincidence, ‘the community’ always votes for the contradiction!

            The funny part is that, with about a month of work, I was able to turn The Sims 4 into ‘my game,’ but I don’t believe that the majority of players will find anything to do with these non-functional packs which contain none of what they’ve been waiting for. At least there are enough new buyers to recover investments, but they’re headed for bankruptcy if they believe that the drama will carry them into another generation.

  • I swear to god, if someone votes on one part of the wicker sets and not the others, and ruins the SP for everyone else by getting only one wicker chair in.