The Sims 4 Parenthood: Grounding Options

As we all know SimGuruNinja has been busy answering Simmer’s questions on Twitter and the forums around the new Parenthood gamepack. Today SimGuruNinja gave us a small teaser over on the official The Sims forums of some of the new grounding options that come with the new pack.

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  • Robert Greenberg

    Sims children should be messed up if you use experimental psychology of Pavlov, just like the world of today is. Grounding is only good for Adults and Animals and dullard parent-hoods. Talking to toddlers is the same for teens and children it speeds their development. Don’t get me wrong if its meant to work this way in the game it will make the game funny

  • Looks great!

  • Courtney Chadwick-Annan


  • Diane Liza Sims


  • One day each? In TS3 teen sims were grounded for at least three days lol

  • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

    It’s possible the option is there and we can’t see it from this picture, but maybe I’m just being too optimistic. I too am disappointed if it’s a case of having to keep setting the punishment every day if you’d like to punish them for longer than a day.

  • Savannah Johnson

    I love this, I wonder what happens if the teen chooses to do it anyway or can they not even use that object?

  • Jenn Gordon

    how do you ground your child or teen sim I can’t figure it out

    • Filipe Silva

      Eu amote muito

    • Filipe Silva