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There’s a cute easter egg in The Sims 4 that no one noticed (until now)

Reddit user TheAlexer pointed out  this cute little easter egg that apparently wasn’t there in The Sims 4 until recently – ok so some simmers are reporting that this was present in the game for quite some time but it’s still an interesting easter egg that not many have noticed (including me).

The easter egg is the ability to change the shape of the puddle in build mode into a duck. Now, you can’t change just any puddle into a duck – you can only change the biggest puddle there is in the game into a duck puddle.

The easiest way to make a puddle is to break a sink and wait a few Sim hours until the puddle grows really big:

After it’s fully grown, go into Build Mode and select the Design Tool. You’ll notice that you can change shapes of a puddle:

Select the 4th design option and voila – you have a duck puddle!

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