Countdown to The Sims 4 Parenthood Release

Only a few hours away from the release of The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack!

Many simmers have requested a countdown to the release of this pack so I’ve decided to add one for you. Down below you can keep track of hours, minutes and seconds until The Sims 4 Parenthood is available for purchase on Origin. There is a chance that The Sims Team may release this pack a few minutes earlier from the time set down below so make sure you keep a close look on our Parenthood News Category!


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  • Rebecca Lynn Byers-Lapier

    Go Faster Clock! lmao!, I wanna teach my Toddlers new things! o3o and do my speed build for my channel of a modern family home :P.

    • Rees

      What’s your channel? I’mma check you out

  • TnT_Terry

    You are 1/2 hour off bud, releases 10am PST, which is 1pm EST, and for me in Norway is 7pm, it is now 3:30pm for me, so 3 1/2 hours not 4!

  • Melina Haas

    I’m on the edge of my seat…

  • TnT_Terry

    2 hours 50 minutes left to go!

  • Alexandra Camacho

    i know how time zones work but i still feel like its not fair because its 10am right now here lol

    • Rees

      Lol I have always been pretty grateful to the fact that I live in the same timezone as ea, so packs and whatnot release at 10 am for me.

    • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

      Lol, you’re lucky you don’t have to wait til 6 in the evening.

  • Street (Street50)

    too long of a wait.

  • kate Williamson


  • Zeke Iisabeth Richardson

    it’s taking so long

  • Whitney

    Only 1 1/2 left.

  • Cynthia Wilson

    Seriously… whats with this release in the middle of the day? Nothing to this point indicated they would wait till have of 5/30/17 was over before we could purchase it.

    • Kathy Moreira

      Releases have always been 10 AM pacific time.

  • callum hamilton

    i can download now

  • Luke

    I just started my download!

  • emile20

    I’m downloading!

  • Brooke Malkowski

    Downloading now!!!

  • Sarah Crow

    15 minutessss

  • Sarah Guyer

    This countdown is off, I just downloaded it 5 minutes ago.

  • Sam Yates

    as anyone in the uk been able to download yet?

  • Nick Mozzicato

    Wasn’t it supposed to be released yesterday? I still don’t see it showing up in Origin to purchase. Did they push the release date back to June?