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The Sims Mobile: June 6th 2017 Update Overview

The Sims Mobile team issued a new update for Android and iOS devices on June 6th 2017, addressing a few bugs and making some improvements. The biggest changes are the new party type, premium packs with new items and certain benefits, new hobby and the legacy score counter.

Let’s take a look at the new features:

Premium Packs

There are new premium packs that you can purchase for real money in the featured section. There are 3 new packs to choose from:

Concert Parties

Your can now throw concert parties! You’ll get better party benefits if you purchase a dance floor, microphone and a DJ booth from build mode.

Piano Hobby

Sims can now participate in the piano hobby! However, unlike other 4 hobbies that you can unlock by leveling up this one can be unlocked exclusively by getting the Maestro’s Grand Piano Heirloom.

Legacy Score

As you place more objects, purchase new clothing and collect heirlooms you’ll advance your legacy score.

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    • Probably whenever they finish. From what we’ve learned, it feels to me like they’re using Brazil as a sort of test market, essentially making an entire country into beta testers, and adding stuff as they go to see how it’s received and how it actually works live. Once they’re finished “beta testing”, they’ll release it world-wide.