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The Sims 4 Eco Living: Laundry Wins the Gameplay Community Vote!

SimGuruGraham has just announced on the forums that Laundry gameplay theme has won the community vote for The Sims 4 Eco Living Stuff Pack!

Before we dive into the results, here are all the features that were listed for Laundry:

An optional gameplay system that’s only used by the active household when laundry objects are placed on the Sim’s home lot. Moodlets and modifiers to the decay rate of certain needs serve as some of the benefits and pushback of this system. Some gameplay feature ideas include:

– Washing Machine – Sims can use the washing machine to clean dirty clothes that are collected from a hamper, or from piles of clothes on the ground. Object could break, be upgraded, and potentially have a fun interaction or a funny failure.
– Dryer – Sims can take clothes that have just been cleaned in the Washing Machine or the Wash Tub and have them dried. Object could break, as well as being upgraded.
Hamper – When a Sim in the active household changes their outfit on their home lot, laundry is added to the hamper as long as it exists anywhere on the lot. Over time, the hamper gradually fills up. If there is no hamper, or the hamper is full, then a clothes pile appears on the ground.
– Clothes Line – Sims who prefer to be eco conscious can choose to use a clothesline as an alternative to the dryer. Using a clothes line does not require power and offers savings on the weekly bill, but clothes take longer to dry.
– Wash Tub – Sims who prefer to be eco conscious can choose to use a wash tub as an alternative to a washing machine. Using a wash tub does not require power or water, and offers savings on the weekly bill, but the Sim must remain at the object to wash their clothes by hand. can choose to use a wash tub as an alternative to a washing machine. Using a wash tub does not require power or water, and offers savings on the weekly bill, but the Sim must remain at the object to wash their clothes by hand.

Here are the official results posted by SimGuruGraham:

Hello Simmers! Let’s get right to it…

Laundry is the winning group of gameplay features that we’ll create for this upcoming Stuff Pack, after capturing the most votes from this community! In fact, when we examined the outcome across the different regions that voted, the results were almost entirely aligned. Nearly everyone voted for the options in the following order…

  1. Laundry
  2. Off the Grid
  3. Food Preserves
  4. Carbon Conscious

The only exception to this result came from players in Russia, where Food Preserves swapped places with Off the Grid by a slim margin.

With these results in hand, we have a clear path forward for this pack. In the coming weeks our Stuff Pack designer will get to work writing full designs for Washers, Dryers, Clotheslines, Wash Tubs, and Ironing Boards. I’m looking forward to sharing those full designs with you, so that we can collaborate on the little details which are so important to creating a fun – and full – Sims experience.

You also have two more votes to look forward to, now with concrete dates on when they will occur. The Pack Icon Vote will start on September 6th, followed by the Pack Title Vote starting September 13th, where we will select the final name for this Stuff Pack.

In the meantime, watch for more in-depth looks into game development right here on this forum. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more art, showing off the hairstyles that will come with this pack, discussing the process we follow internally to get from the initial brainstorm to the feature groups you voted on, and more!

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    • Go look at the furnishings we chose, they’re already laundry oriented. It’s still eco conscious to choose how to handle something we do almost daily/weekly.

      • (I voted for Laundry too)
        I think having Eco Living as a title isn’t exactly helpful at telling you what’s in the pack. Maybe Laundry Day Stuff would work better because of the clothing offered.

  • Highkey disappointed since to me it was the most boring option on there. Still not sure why anyone would pick it over the others, I’m genuinely curious because to me the other three options offered something more to the table that could be interesting.Loading clothes into a washing machine is just… boring to me.

    • Because 2 of the other 3 options proved to only be a novelty in TS3, and off the grid is accomplished via sandboxing. Pumping your own water / maintaining equipment is more of a chore

      • But so is hanging out your laundry/loading a washing machine? A chore, I mean. And absolutely a novelty. It doesn’t really add much to the gameplay experience imo. Living off the grid does, as do creating your own foodstuffs ect.

  • Love the fact I will finally be able to do real laundry rooms in my builds, I am hoping there will be a couple styles, like stackable or w/d combo (tiny home version), along with the singles, but I will be happy with any, I can not wait, =) =)

  • WOW! I love the fact that we now have to pay for laundry, instead of things that would change the actual game like off the grid… The majority of the sims community just choose to pay for laundry instead of getting it ( because of course the sim gurus would add it at some point in the future, because the community liked the ideia, as the votes prove) on an expansion pack or a free patch… I will pay for the pack, but i can 100% guarentee that after 2 weeks ( at max) simmers will get bored of that feature…

      • I want laundry. But I think off the grid would would be a better idea for a “eco living” stuff pack. I will pay for it though.

    • Off the grid challenge, apocalypse challenge, rags to riches challenge, survival challenge, living off the land challenge, etc. they also get boring way before two weeks.

      • I know what you are saying. But when you play those challenges you have an objective, and what keeps me playing those challenges are the objective that I want to reach. When you have laundry, you still had a new realism idea to the sims, but I know that people will stop playing with, at least, the clothesline and the washtub, because it takes too much time (because the simscommunity is like this).

    • Besides that I think all the other options are way more different and exciting than the laundry. But what it seems is that the simscommunity just wants the Sims 4 to be an exact copy of the Sims 3. That makes me feel scared actually, that everything will be the same, and you’ll have like 2 copies of the same game.

  • Laundry wasn’t a top priority to me given the other two options, however I did want all three to eventually be made into stuff packs. I’m not even that surprised anyhow since laundry was popular to begin with and simmers play differently which is why stuff packs remain a good thing.

  • Such a major disappointment. Why on earth would anyone want to do laundry in their game. I don’t like doing it in real life. Off the Grid or Food Preserves would have been a much better choice

    • I TOTALLY agree. So many lame people in Sims community… Just kids that don’t know what it exactly is to do laundry, as parents do all the job… Remember that there are too many kids in the community, that is why we would never get something more serious. Off the grid was the PERFECT choice. But kids are afraid of any efforts. Such a shame. RIP.

      • Well I voted for laundry too and I’m not a kiddo. I hope the laundry means that if a sim has only dirty laundry he or she will have to go to work nude or use the dirty clothes he or she has. Off the grid would have been nice as well but I personally wanted more life to the simmers homes than the things that I can do currently.

    • Because for men we only have two pairs of underwear that we male Sims have been wearing for almost three years and women only had a few more from that. By now it’s feeling brownish and it needs to be clean and laundry is the answer since The Sims 4 doesn’t plan on getting us more underwear anytime soon!

  • Hopefully the glitch has been or will be fixed soon as to where the peopl freeze all the time specialy when u try to send the kids to school or something…the game just glitches specialy since the parenthood pack and no i have no cc or anything else

  • I voted for laundry so I’m happy it won but Off The Grid was a really neat concept too so I’m hoping with how popular it was, it will be implemented elsewhere in the future. With how many people wanted Off The Grid for historical Sims, it could definitely go into a medieval or Victorian-themed pack.

  • While every pack in The Sims 4 comes with a guaranteed disappointment in this case laundry only being active for the active household also meaning more then likely we will not get a laundromat like we did with The Sims 3 where NPC’s even did their laundry I will look forward to this pack when it’s released and I decided to return to The Sims 4 from The Sims 2 of course!

  • What if a game pack were to be created for Sims to be an Actor, model or singer? Or an updated Sims 4 version of World Adventures with new locations like Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Australia and/ or Hawaii etc. I think that would be greatly awesome. 😀

  • I like how they let us vote for what we wanted since everyone was complaining that they didn’t listen to us and now we are complaining about the vote that won. All the Sims community does is complain.

    • If I could upvote your comment a million more times, I would. Laundry won, which means it was the most popular. It’s what the majority of fans wanted, which was the whole point of this pack. If Off The Grid had won, there’d have been a bunch of people crying over the fact that Laundry lost. It’s impossible to make everyone happy but these polls do reflect what will make the majority of Simmers happy and Laundry is what most Simmers wanted. I would have been happy with either Laundry or Off The Grid, since one was a fan favourite many people wanted to see make a return and Off The Grid was a cool original concept that had a lot of momentum behind it as well.

  • By the way most of the objects are related to Laundry theme so why did they make us choose the featured items If there was already some clutter items for laundry?

  • I knew laundry was going to win so I didn’t vote. Just like I knew Eco Living was going to win the theme and name. I love this community but it’s so predictable. Having a washer and dryer could have been added years ago with an update. I better get some good washers and dryers in 2018.

  • I personally think people didn’t even think . They just saw : Laundry and clicked on it without even reading.. What is wrong with ppl? (I chose Of the Grid)

  • Can you please try to incorporate at least one more of the feature we voted for in the pack? Laundry itself is a disappointment because it’s such a huge pain in butt to do. PLEASE make (AT LEAST) the off the grid option exist….!!!

  • Next time can is be it be like weather whats the point wearing a jacket or the jumpers if its just sunny every day, pets or more active jobs or even more vacay places or even uni since the parenting pack come in. it gets boring after a while of playing it. bring in real life things that everyone goes through every day.

  • It’s like everyone just wants Sims 4 to be identical to Sims 3. Off the Grid or Food Preserves would have been something entirely new and interesting. Laundry is so boring in comparison.

  • Please just don’t call it “Eco Living” anymore … at least we should save this beautifull title for something meaningfull. Laudry stuff is so far away from that now. I really hope the community agrees with a more matchable name and leaves “Eco Living” for a stuff pack that really DESERVEs it 🙁