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The Sims 4 Mod: Dress Code Lot Traits

Sick and tired of seeing your Sims attending the wedding in a pajama? How about throwing a poll party on a community lot while everyone is wearing casual clothes instead of being in swimwear? Luckily, LittleMsSam came up with a solution.

The Dress Code Lot Traits Mod lets you assign a certain outfit category for community lots. Lets say you want to see Sims arrive to a certain Bar in formal wear. The moment your Sim steps into a lot they’ll change to formal wear, while other NPCs will change once they start performing a certainĀ interaction.

You can immediately dress up the entire lot for the occasion using the Dress Code Gadget that will be spawned in your inventory once you visit a community lot with a Dress Code trait.

To install this Mod simply extracted the content in the .rar file to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Make sure you have Mods / CC enabled iny our game options!


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  • A good idea, but I wish that they would add a Lot Properties window to build mode that’s similar to Dine Out’s Restaurant Editor. Settings could be stuff like a dress code, banned/encouraged activities, or something that defines when the peak in activity is (like a nightclub would be more active at night than in the afternoon).