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The best Aspiration Reward Traits in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 only has a few traits that you can pick up in Create A Sim, but the real treasure of traits can be unlocked by finishing Aspirations. Here are some of the best aspiration reward traits that not only you’ll find useful but also entertaining:

 Hilarious (From Joke Star Aspiration)

This trait does not only ensure that your jokes will always be accepted by the crowd but you also get 3 unique jokes: Horryfing Joke, Funniest Joke in the World and Weaponized Joke. All of these 3 jokes will put another Sim in a certain mood: the Horryfing Joke will make your Sim embarrassed, the Funniest Joke in the World will give a Sim a +3 playful moodlet and the Weaponized Joke will make your Sim dazed for a few hours. You can manipulate the environments with some emotional auras and make another Sim die from laughter with these (well, if your Sim has !

 Piper (From Musical Genius Aspiration)

This Trait can influence other Sims nearby to perform certain actions. Sims with the Piper trait can use a guitar, violin or the piano to perform the following compositions:

  • Carol of Cleaning (which makes nearby Sims clean the house)
  • Ditty of Drowsiness (which lowers nearby Sims’ energy need)
  • Etude of Egress (makes Sims nearby leave)
  • Song of Sophistication (Sims nearby will change to formalwear)

 Poetic (From Bestselling Author Aspiration)

This Trait is very, very powerful. With this Trait you can bring a Sim back from the dead, and here’s how. Once you write The Book of Life on the computer you can then capture a life saga of a Sim that your Sim has a relationship with. The book can then be read by any Sim and will have their needs refilled.

If a Sim whose life saga you’ve captured has passed away, he/she can bring themselves back to life by reading the book (you’ll have to add your ghost Sim to the household first).

 Tormentor (From Chief of Mischief Aspiration)

With this trait you can sabotage almost any object and every Sim! Sabotaging an object will cause it to break with the next use and sabotaging a Sim will give them a +1 dazed moodlet for 3 hours.

 Webmaster (From Computer Whiz Aspiration)

This trait brings 3 useful interactions on your computer:

  • Make Money Turking which lets you earn 75 Simoleons around each hour while performing this interaction.
  • Research Binge will make your Sim level up all the skills they’ve obtained – simultaneously.
  • Internet Stalk interaction will help you learn traits from acquintances.

Have you managed to obtain all aspiration traits in The Sims 4 and which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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  • This is so cool, I never knew I could do so much fun stuff with these aspirations. I simply found them to be dull and repetitive so I never really followed them through but it looks like that might change now.