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20 things you should try in The Sims 4

8) Earn a gold medal for each party type

9) Catch every collectible

There’s something special about watching your household collection grow with each new finding. Make a household of collectors and fill up your collection!

10) Autonomy: ON

Why torture your Sims when you can watch Sims torture themselves?! See how far your Sims can go without your help.

11) Haunt others

Have other Sims wronged your Sim which caused him/her to pass away? Come back as a ghost and haunt them!

12) Upgrade worlds with patch content

The Sims 4 got plenty of new additions since its release. However, Willow Creek and Oasis Springs still remain the same. Try to add new things to already existing lots and households like adding a toddler to the Pancakes household, renovating lots with pools and so on.

13) Create a Supersim

Disable aging in your game and make one Sim who will complete all aspirations and skills!

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  • ~ Done all of that as normal game play, except for 7 & I am in the middle of the 7 toddler challenge,though I intend to see if I can get them to Teen then YA! (if they make it to child I have not failed as that is the challenge) I want to see if I can get good extra traits from my not so good parenting!LOL!
    ~ At the Moment I am going through & playing traits I have never played before, I am doing Mansion Baron at the moment! (as I tend to pick what I know or what is safe!LOL) And in anouther household a Thief & Klepto! So stepping out of my comfort zone!
    ~ Thanks for interesting article, @JovanJovic but as I said done all but two, & one of those I am doing but it is not finished yet! And I may make the Mansion Baron poor,we will see………..I hate being mean to my Sims, so maybe not!LOL! (“,)

  • After watching the Youtube video from the SimSupply, I don’t think I will be trying the 7 toddler challenge anytime soon. Besides, I raised kids in real life…..enough said. I have an idea for New Crest. You can make it a college town with the mod Get to College from MTS. That is what I am thinking of doing anyway. I am also liking the concept art and I might try to build one of the buildings just to see if I can match it.