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What we’d like to see new & improved in The Sims 4 Base Game

It’s fair to say that The Sims 4 base game has come a long way since its initial release and there has been so much added in for free, but there’s always room for improvement and I’ve put together a small list of things that I believe could be added into the game, check the list out and let us know what you want adding in the comments section down below.

New Pool Features

The addition of pools to the game was one of the first major updaes to The Sims 4, it was a fantastic update and it was a relief to have them added back in to the game. The only problem is that it was missing some key features we were used to from previous games, we no longer had the curved pools which was a real shame and no longer did we have pool slides or diving boards, luckily diving boards eventually did get added but we’re still waiting on the slides. It’s not surprising these elements haven’t been added, curved pools didn’t arrive in The Sims 3 for severl years after the release and it was the same story with pool slides, so don’t give up hopes just yet!


This is something most of the community would love to see, recently one of the Guru’s tweeted asking if the community had any ideas on how cards could function in The sims 4. Many players assumed this meant they were working on them but as the tweet was asking for ideas it’s clear we won’t be seeing them for a while, but again, don’t give up hope because they are obviously interested in bringing them back.


We’re still missing a few core NPC’s in The Sims 4 base game, most of which have been there since the very start. The burglar was present in The Sims and many think it should be added in to the base game as it’s a vital part of the game, that initial shock and panic when the eary music started playing and you knew something was wrong. Police go hand-in-hand with burglars and should be added along side them, it’s another safe bet to think these two will eventually enter the game as it most likely wouldn’t be the hardest feature to program in. A fire service is another bunch of NPC’s we’d love to see, my guess is we will eventually get them again but as you can add sprinkler systems into your houses and put fires out yourself, it won’t be at the top of the agenda.

Terrain Tools

This is another huge feature that users want to see, a usual staple it was nowhere to be seen when the game was released almost 3 years ago, and it’s still not here. Several modders have claimed that due to the way The Sims 4 was built it isn’t something that could be added but we’re still hopeful, it would be a great feature and would go well with the intuitive building features within the game.

Better Babies

If you’ve ever had a pregnant sim you’ll know that the babies they produce are a little strange compared to in previous games, they act more like objects than sims and people have noticed. It’s clear many users just skip this life stage as it tends to be quite boring. This isn’t out of the question at all, there are already the animations for a baby in the game, all that we want is to have it separated from the crib, be able to move them around and walk with them, with the toddler update in January it’s clear the sims team are open to changing and adding life states so we should keep our fingers crossed.


Now you may be thinking that weather doesn’t belong in this list, it’s usually an expansion pack feature, well I believe it could easily be added to the base game. Seasons has been a staple expansion pack since The Sims 2 but originally weather was going to be added into The Sims 2 base game, so why not in The Sims 4? Seasons could easily be released as a game pack and adding weather in as a patch could be a possibility, it’s probably unlikely but it would be a great move by EA.

Do you agree with this list and what would you like to see in The Sims 4 Base Game? Let us know in the comments!

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Hello, I'm Mike and I'm a Sims addict. I've been playing The Sims since I was 5 years old, most of my early memories of the game revolve around building the perfect houses and burning it down. Since those good days I've played every iteration and most of the spin-offs and have loved every single moment, hope you enjoy my articles!


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  • I love these ideas! TS4 has came a long way since it’s early days but like you said there is tons of room for improvement. I would love to see online dating and match making be added along with receiving gifts and live letters in the mail. That was a big thing I loved about TS3.

  • I would really like to see turn ons/offs along with an attraction system. Maybe even likes and dislikes. Also story progression is much needed. As for npcs, I’d like to see the ones you listed plus the social worker npc.

  • I think have weather in base game would be really cool, along with burglers. Since a lot of people, (me included), can’t always afford to get expansion packs, having something as neat as actual weather in base game would be awesome! And I did enjoy having terrain tools as well, that would add just so much more life to Sims 4!

  • i think weather should be a separate expansion so they can put a lot more features into it (you know they wont, but let’s dream)

  • Love these ideas I would also love to see other supernaturals I miss my witches and fairies and would like to have burglars too

  • Some good ideas! As a builder, one additional thing I’ve been asking for a while is a simple black door in the base game. Just a new black shade of an existing simple 1-square door would be great. 🙂 I haven’t checked recently if there’s one added in yet, but it often frustrated me while building. I like the positive and optimistic tone of this article, Mike, and join you in the hope that some of these things might get added in. 🙂

  • I totally agree with all of these ideas. I’d also like to add: bring back the color wheel in CAS PLEASE. Also, why is there no option for roots, base, or highlights in hair colors? Little things like this would make the game so much more vibrant and customizable.

  • The #1 for me was weather! I enjoyed seeing the snow at Christmas and the fall colors during Halloween, and when your sim caught a cold and had to light the fireplace, made it more realistic!

  • I’d like more diversity, TBH. Hairstyles for sims are overwhelmingly white. Also, it’s time to have Sims with disabilities (wheelchairs, crutches, prosthetics, etc) so they can be more representative.

  • You forgot that we need CREATE A WORLD tool, and BIGGER and BETTER worlds. Less backround , more playable areas. Maybe no loading when visiting neighbors? I wish there was no loading at least only when visiting residential lots.

  • I was hoping for a Babies update for Parenthood, didn’t happen; EA really has to fix them , I mean, the ones in Freeplay are WAY BETTER!!

  • I have posted this multiple times!!! I think they should add several things… BUNK BEDS for ALL kids and teens and toddlers, apartments buildings that you can build, elevators that your Sims actually enter and can use them for homes and apts.and stores,, in Sims 3 they could even Woo hoo in them(lol), spiral staircases, different colors, curtains that fit ALL WINDOWS and ALL WALL HEIGHTS, different styles and colors, of carpet(shag, plush, Berber…) real diving Boards, and pool slides, I miss the imaginary friends(that grow up with your kids and then you can make them real) pool lounges, rafts for in the pools, maybe some floating inflatable pool toys for your toddlers that would allow the toddlers to use the pools, or just make toddler pools!… sectional furniture, super naturals witch craft, and spells,( witch, warlocks, (werewolves that can turn other Sims into werewolves),, fairies, merpeople, plant Sims that actually stay plant Sims,(ones you can change hair styles and colors)…), vacation spots, campgrounds & hotels and beach vacations spots, (not rabbit holes) sun tanning, sun burns, swimming in the oceans, I loved the house boats like in Sims 3, matching styled colored furniture( sofas, chairs, coffee tables), juicers, food processers, ( we have all these wonderful crops, and all we do with them is sell them) what about farmers markets, or just add farming as a career choice (living off the land type of things) garbage disposals, And composite items,(you can then use for fertilizer),garden spritzers, University( where you travel with your kids to enter them into collage) again no rabbit holes, cars, and motor cycles, (Sims 2 had cars and that was not an open world) solar panel’s for roofs, wind mills, would love a pack that was made for the Tree hugging, back to nature, type Sims, miss the log housing wall styles, Glass roofs and floors,( like the ones we had in Sims 2 where you just place and pull to the size you need) , green houses, area carpets, different sizes and colors and styles,, more carpets that lock together, more hair and clothing choices for kids and toddlers,( not just the same style in different colors), more stuff for toddlers( strollers, sandboxes swings and see saws, sliding boards, smaller jungle gyms,…), more play ground stuff for kids and toddlers, more stuff for our elders, tree houses, more woo hoo spots, cars that you fix up yourselves and can then drive them, smaller telescopes, and dollhouses, bigger towns with more lots, different size lots that you can place in the different worlds, terrain tools (that you do not have to be a brain to figure out how to use), fence lights, I miss the dance bars,(that can be placed over mirrors), and stationary bikes, a bigger variety of arches,(I miss the connecting ones), for ALL wall heights, more variety of doors that fit ALL wall heights,( most of the doors and windows we have now are to wide, for the different wall heights, we need some single doors and windows and arches, that only take up one space but fit All wall heights,…) I could go on and on, we had almost all these things in Sims 1,2,3, and with todays technology, I do not see what the problem is giving us these things that Sims 1 had… I have played the Sims since the first one I have all the games,Sims1,2,3,and 4 and every expansion pack and stuff pack for all of them including almost everything that we had from the Sims3 store, I love playing Sims it allows me to enter my own world where I can do or be anything I want to be I am 54 yrs. old and love this game I play with all the Sims games 1,2,3,and 4, sorry for the long response but Sims 4 could do sooo much more. thank you for reading and happy Simming to you.

  • Ahhhh! Features I loved from Sims 3 are coming to Sims 4 literally melting my heart and making me scream with joy!!!! Please add them in EA

  • I also kind of wish they shortened teens. I know they were improved a lot in Parenthood, but I still feel like there’s not enough physical difference between teen and YA. Idk they probably won’t change them, but it would be nice.

  • Cars could be used as makeout for teens and woohoo for adults. Repairing or restoring a car could be a new skill.A klepto could be able to steal them. Perhaps learning to drive in the zoned nieghborhood.

  • Yes, I would love burglars back and home alarm systems too as well as table top and wall phones would be a nice addition, I miss those too!

  • Great ideas there. Unfortunately I think the most useful ones (for me anyway!) like cars and NPCs and, my real big bugbear, LOT PERSISTENCE, are particularly unlikely because that would require far too much rolling back of the original lot focused online multiplayer design.

    Terrain tools would be wonderful, not being able to landscape a lot is a real disappointment.

    I love weather in Sims 3, I didn’t expect too but I love how it challenges your story-telling and would be a great addition to Sims 4, however they introduce (though hopefully not as one of those extortionately priced “Expansion Packs”.

  • While I agree that most of these things would be nice to have again (especially weather) what I miss most are the pets. And, what I would really welcome is a way to report in-game bugs while playing.

  • I just want some vases for the flowers, they could have a decay rate like the food. And maybe a flower press to create pictures.

  • Definitely all of this! I loved the weather in The Sims 2, especially when the penguins came to visit during winter and the snowball fights/snowman building. This also would give us the outerwear outfit category, hopefully. I also agree about the firemen and police, as well as the burglar. There was so much the original and second games had that really made the game. 4 seemed very, very base in comparison, especially with the romance interactions (what IS that fish kiss-face?!). The game is evolving though and I do have high hopes for the future 🙂

  • It would be great to fix the create-a-sim-mode where we can change the same sim into the different races, than to make an entirely new one.

    • Plus, it annoys me when I have an alien sim, the facial features keep changing to the skinny alien-like facial features after every time I exit create-a-sim-mode and/or just changing to and from the disguise… Weather would be fantastic btw LOL I’m dying to have the weather and the NPCs in the game!!

  • I really think that weather will be a patch in this generation. All the things that modifies all worlds came in a patch (hello lot trait). Weather will come in a free update, and two new gamepacks will bring new vacations spots.

  • I agree with cars & weather. I doubt weather will be added as a patch, but it may be. I’d like to see an attraction system and likes and dislikes as Whitney mentioned.

  • i really want some more things for my elders, walking canes, rocking chairs, maybe some crocheting, and photo album sewing?

  • You know what we really need?


    I know there’s a mod for this, but that means vanilla players have to miss out on this, and the mod itself is old and screws up many interactions. It’d really add a new element of diversity to the game. We can have a wide range of bodies and faces, why not a wide range of heights?