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Xmiramira talks about black culture representation in The Sims 4

Amira, one of the content creators on YouTube who makes videos, livestreams and custom content for The Sims 4 took her time with Al Jazeera Plus to talk about the importance of black culture representation in video games (The Sims 4 in this case) as well as how she took the matter in her own hands and started creating custom content for The Sims 4 that will accurately represent her skintone, her hairstyle and so on.

Back in March SimGuruMegs asked on Twitter which new skintones would we like to see in The Sims 4 and that she’ll “try her best to get them into the game”.

Amira’s website The Black Simmer already has over 16 thousand members who help make the content that anyone can download (after registering to the site) that help fill the void that Amira pointed out. Her Melanin Skin Tone Pack, which brings 16 new brown skin tones has already received a lot of attention.

You can find Amira’s Custom Content on her website, as well as watch her videos on YouTube.

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    • Do a search for custom content in the colors you’d like to see. I bet someone has made it. There are also FB groups where, if you ask nicely, somone will make you what you need.

        • No one said they did. But if EA sees the what’s popular in the CC community, they will start to add it to the game. It’s how it has always worked, since day 1 with The Sims. In the very first game, people wanted curtains and someone figured out how to make them as CC. Then, they appeared in the first Expansion Pack.

          • Honestly, I consider CC to be the biggest cheat to the Sims team because no matter what our opinions are, they still work hard to release official content to us. And they make sure their content isn’t buggy, though it might have lag issues from time to time. CC is buggy and can really damage your game so I won’t advise it or advertise it.

          • then don’t download it, some people do like cc. If you don’t, then don’t use it. I always check my cc and mods to make sure they are good before playing,

          • I have over 3 gb of cc and my game does not have lag issues !!! so if you can not handle cc on a game, you may have problems!

        • so what wrong with the CC? the cc is even better than the EA stuff..I guess some people dont like to try new thing just because the thing their game came by a mess because of the CC… so wrong!!”!

  • It’s a shame that people have to download extra content to get the levels of accurate customisation they need. From the seemingly unlimited customisation offered in the Sims 3, I expected a similar level in the Sims 4, but I’ve found it disappointing. Everything from the hair styles, hair colours and skin colours have felt like they’re missing something. I really hope they add more in an update soon, so that everyone can enjoy playing this brilliant game to the fullest 🙂