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The Sims 4: Harry Potter Creations and Mods

Hogwarts Custom Stuff

Over 100 new objects which includes new meshes and swatches. Perfect for giving that Hogwarts lot more story to it!

Harry Potter Mod Pack

This Mod Pack introduces new icons for your Get Together clubs, a sorting hat which will sort you to a certain house (what are the odds of Hermoine being sorted to Gryffindor?!) and new Harry Potter-themed names for your townies.

Become A Sorcerer Mod

Want to add more magic to your gameplay? This mod lets you become a full sorcerer, choose your alignment and cast spells! This mod also brings two new skills: White Arts and Black Arts that each have 10 levels. With each level you’ll get to unlock a new spell or two that’ll make your Harry Potter experience more real.

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  • Oh man I Love this article, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan!! I very much enjoy making games based on my favorite books/movies. Actually I tend to spend more time making my families and setting up my worlds then I do actually playing them. Please do one of the articles for The Twilight Saga fans.