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The Sims Germany confirms the leaked Cats & Dogs render from June

Remember the leaked Cats & Dogs render that leaked in late June? It appeared on a czech retail website and was removed just a few hours after.

The render was never officially debunked, only subtly subtweeted by a SimGuru who works on The Sims 4 Stuff Packs – SimGuruGraham. Unlike with previous attempts to debunk a speculation we never got a direct explanation about why that render exists.

Today, The Sims Germany posted this exact render on their official Facebook Page, saying that Cats & Dogs are coming to The Sims 4!

Feel free to add another render to the official renders pile!

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  • Lol, which sims community was it that deleted the render (after it first leaked) and said they were mad at themselves for believing in a fake? I feel like it was SimsVIP.. made me laugh.

  • i still dont think its real. i dont think the sims germany is that up to date. they also post a lot of memes around the sims by fans