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Speculation: Possible Hints For Seasons in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Trailer

NOTE: This post is pure speculation and is not confirmed by EA.

Since the Cats & Dogs trailer was released many simmers have been combing it for features which might appear in the expansion pack. Forum user NeonHighways has gone the step further and spotted possible hints for rain to be one of the features in the pack. For example:

“This puddle. They are playing in a puddle. But a puddle of what? It sure can’t be pee… and puddles don’t appear out of nowhere. Maybe it had just rained and the puddle remained on the floor!”

“These fisherman statues are using yellow rain coats. An interesting thing to add to the statues of a main area of the world if rain doesn’t exist, right?”

“To tie all this ‘wetness that comes from above’ theme in the trailer, we can’t ignore this. Yeah, that might be to show she’s a gloomy cat, but that is, in fact, rain. By itself it would mean gloomy cat, but we also have the above 2 interesting rain related things.”


Personally, I don’t think any type or weather or season will be added in this pack. But as we have seen many times in the past hints for possible upcoming content are always scattered throughout new expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs.

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  • It was mentioned somewhere that something special is happening in the patch for Cats & Dogs.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like burglars or newspaper boys/girls though (because of the trope that dogs chase away these people) .

  • Fishermen wear raincoats out on the boats so their clothes don’t get wet. It has nothing to do with rain. And the girl & her dog are by the ocean. A wave could have splashed up on shore *finger quotes*.

  • And they were definitely giving us a clue about it in the update patch. “The end of summer is here and… you know, whenever I talk to my mom she wants to talk about the weather. It’s kind of our starting point to get the conversation motor running, after the weather we start talking about more meaningful things… our brains are in conversation mode, and we are ready to go… so, with that…LOL you can tell it’s a clue with that little “so, with that”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made weather a game pack

  • Did anyone read the description of the latest update (22 august). Before naming any fixes, they talk about … the weather. It makes these hints from pets even more likely.