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EA Poland and The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs are helping Animal Shelters

Electronic Arts Poland is teaming up with two YouTubers to raise money and awareness about Cat and Dog shelters in Poland – and what better way to do it than through The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs gameplay!

Here’s an English translation provided by the lovely DotSim:

The Sims 4 is supporting cats and dogs! Starting 27.10, we will have voting on our The Sims social media channels. In this voting you are going to choose two animal shelters from a list of 10 animal shelters located in Poland. Cats and dogs from two shelters which are our finalists will obtain all resources they need to improve taking care of the animals. Two final shelters will have their leaders – #TeamGramPaula and #TeamAdriannaSkon. Both teams will friendly fight for money for their shelters. The more views they will get from The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs livestreams, the more money shelters will have.

Voting for two shelters ends on 7.11. Livestreams are planned for 10-14.11.


This means that EA Poland plans to donate a certain amount of money according to how many people are going to watch livestreams hosted by YouTubers¬†GramPaula and Adrianna Skron on EA Poland’s official channel.

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  • I’ll be honest and short
    They chose one of the worst people they could’ve chosen
    Ada isn’t really a simmer and Paula is very annoying & her sims videos are barely funny
    And it’s not only my opinion, the only people who regularly watch her videos are their obsessive fangirls. The rest of the humanity thinks the same or didn’t watch her videos at all (or are unreliable haters and hate on her because shes a “stuped whamen”
    There are many, many better options, such as MaryKateAn (they actually work together, she and EA, I wonder why she isn’t competing), MagdalenaMariaMonika, Mloteczka (or not, EA hates her), WoohooSims, Kasiulcia, Pograjmerka, Tula, Gingerowa, Oska, Simsweek

    But no, let’s choose two girls with the biggest fanbase and make people buy the expansion :V