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The Sims 4: Romantic Slow Dancing Mod Coming February 12th

After weeks of teasing, the modder Sacrificial has released a trailer and early access to his new mod, Slow Dancing! It’s been a missing feature from Sims 4 fans have wanted for a while, now you can have the first dance at your sims wedding or finish that romantic date perfectly.

You might know Sacrificial for his Road to Fame mod and his Extreme Violence Mod (Note this Mod is NSFW and recommended for 18+).

You can gain early access to his Slow Dancing mod here by supporting his Patreon. However, this mod will become freely available to all on February 12th.

For information on how to install mods head to our handy guide!

Watch the trailer below!

Express Your true love by having a romantic slow dance with the one You love.


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  • Your mod doesn’t work. I can’t wven download it from the site and it’s making me mad. I was so excited that I could get a mod to do this but every time I click the link I get an error!