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A Simmer wants to report The Sims 4 to Trading Standards for its bugs

The Sims 4 had its ups and downs with bugs and optimization ever since its release in 2014. However, the team did clarify that they’re treating the game as a “Live Service”, meaning that they plan to provide regular new content, improvements and fixes to the game. In 2018 that still is the case with The Sims 4 getting regular patches that both make (and sometimes break) the game.

The recent update for The Sims 4 that helped prepare the game for the Seasons Expansion Pack release broke a few things, including:

  • Severe lag in Build Mode when placing wallpapers
  • Fireplaces wouldn’t remain lit
  • Outdoor plants spawning too much
  • Grass would appear too green or too brown for some players

These were just some of the main issues introduced with this update. Excluding the Build Mode lag which was apparent for every player, other bugs (even some which weren’t listed above) would appear only to some players. Since The Sims 4 is a computer game some bugs are simply caused by the hardware and software that make a player’s computer.

This isn’t the first time a bug or an issue would be caused by a new update for The Sims 4. However, The Sims Team is transparent about it and tries to give players fixes for the bugs as soon as possible. The latest example is an update that The Sims Team released for The Sims 4 just a week after a previous update. The latest update fixed a lot of issues for both Seasons and the Base Game, however the wallpapers placement lag in Build Mode still persists. SimGuruNick did confirm that they’ve found a workaround and that they’re working on plenty of more bug fixes which should be out soon.

However, it seems that not everyone likes the “Live Service” approach for the game and the way the team is solving things.

@Weealbet, a longtime player and a fan of The Sims Franchise posted a public announcement on Twitter a few days ago, saying that he plans to report Electronic Arts to the Trading Standards and the Consumer Ombudsman for the current state of The Sims 4. According to his tweet, this isn’t a decision made solely on the recent updates for The Sims 4 but something he believes has been going on for years now, and that’s the inability of The Sims Team fixing bugs and issues for the game on time (with some issues still being present in the game after so long).

According to his text about his decision that he published, The Sims 4 currently has 359 bugs that have been reported and confirmed. You can read more about why he made the decision to report EA to Trading Standars and the Consumer Ombudsman in his tweet below:

@Weealbet gave an ultimatum to both Electronic Arts and THe Sims Team, saying that if most issues don’t get fixed by August 31st, 2018 he’ll be filing his report to The Consumer Ombudsman. You can even see the steps below that have been written on The Consumer Ombudsman website which need to be taken before reporting a product.

According to the fifth step which talks about “Reaching a resolution”, if a company is willing to work to resolve the complaint The Consumer Ombudsman will aim to reach a resolution within a range of 90 working days. However, if the company (in this case EA) doesn’t want to work with the Consumer Ombudsman, they will give a consumer some advices about their options, which includes contacting organizations or even taking the complaint to a small claims court.

Do you think that giving EA an ultimatum like this is the right way to solve The Sims 4’s issues which some players are experiencing or do you think some other steps can be taken to prevent something like this? Let us know in the comments!

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    • “I don’t like food I love it”
      I’m literally quoting Disney’s Ratatouille right now.

      What I’m trying to say, he apparently not only likes the game, he cares about the game so much he’s willing to take some action to make it even better. Please go and read his full statement. Don’t forget you are paying customer.

      • This. He loves the game, but he hates the bugs and he has the right to do this considering the amount of money it costs. The game has never not been buggy and it’s not right that we have to rely on our fellow community members to do something about it, rather than the game devs themselves. There are bugs that have been present for years, it’s really bad. I think this is a good thing and I hope it causes the team to fix up.

        • I don’t think it’s fair to say we have to depend on modders or it’s really bad. I can only think of a few common bugs that are really bad, as in simulation lag and all the stuff wrong with get together.
          There are more and there’s no excise for the small things that are broken to not be fixed.
          But as someone who played Sims 3 during it’s lifespan, that game deserved this. That game had really bad game breaking bugs that still persist to this day and Sims 3 is a paid product left broken.

          Now, Sims 4 has a lot of small things that should’ve be fixed a LONG TIME AGO, but I cannot in good faith call the dev team neglectful of Sims 4.
          Sims 4 is not a broken game for a large number of it’s users like Sims 3 was and is. The Gurus as of late have been working hard to fix simulation lag, all the stuff season broke, adding new fixes to things and they said they are going to be patching a lot more and soon.

          I think this action should be taken. I want it to. However I find the guru team to be 70% transparent with us and they’ve been working hard as heck as of late.
          All of this is my opinion.

          • In short yes do this. But also send error reports, send save files because they cannot fix glitches that they cannot reproduce.
            They have a million people giving them a million bugs. It cannot and will not be fixed in a timely fashion and that’s just games in general. It won’t be fixed all in one. They can do that because none of the bugs are game breaking.
            People think triple A games shouldnt have issues but they can and will. You can have a game that took millions to make and be polished and still have bugs..
            I’m happy that this is being done, and if you payed for something that doesn’t work right but is regularly being fixed…and is still workable, it’s crappy but…it’s not like..well..Sims 3.

            I keep bringing up Sims 3 because again, Sims 3 was broken as balls during it’s lifespan, I wonder if people did this to Sims 3? Which is still known for being broken by the majority. Can someone do this? Can I do this? I’d like to actually play Sims 3 without lag and my saves corrupting, EA!

    • That’s a ridiculous sentiment. He plays because he does like the game- when it works. Holding devs accountable is not a crazy thing to do. Not everyone prefers to just abandon things they like when they go to shit. Some of us would rather fix them.

  • I think it’s not the right way. As already mentioned, some bugs in the game depend on the operating system and the software. Then come some cheats that are used improperly. I, for example, have little trouble with the Sims4, in my opinion every game has its little bugs, whether on a computer or PS4. If he thinks the Sims 4 are not worth playing for him, then he should stop playing the Sims4. Sorry for the bad english but it’s not my native language.

    • They’re not saying that they dislike the game though – they’re doing this because they love it, but feel it’s inexcusable to sell a game to customers that has always been buggy. Also, surely the console versions having the same bugs is even worse because the hardware doesn’t differ between players on this platform, like it does for PC players; by your logic, there should be no reason for the console versions to have bugs, and if the team are not doing anything to fix them then they should be held accountable for it.

  • He has a very valid point, the cost of the game and expansion packs add up, and and there is a large amount of bugs in the game, as others have stated, he is passionate about the game, he is actually trying to improve it for everyone. Yes there can be issues with OS you are using, but aside from that, some of the bugs have been around way too long. The fact that they have so many people working on the game and in all different division also creates an issue, lack of communication can cause issues in development. EA is large enough to get it together and adjust these bugs, there has been enough feedback from customers to know bugs are out there, whether they see it in their end or not, and be able to get to the route of the issue, no excuses. Bottom line is we shouldn’t demonize this guy, he is trying to get them to make this game better for all of us, whether we agree with him or not.

  • I feel like it’s… a little dramatic, maybe? I’ve never heard of trading standards, so I can’t say for certain. There’s also the matter of the budget EA gives to the Sims team (and we all know how EA is) and the CONSTANT call for new material. Not to mention hardware, other software running, cheats, mods, and players messing with their files can also cause bugs. I’ve never been a huge fan of Live Service for similar reasons, but I doubt this would solve anything. And from what we know about EA (not the Sims team, but the entirety of EA) this would just prevent future Sims content ever. I don’t know what the solution is, necessarily, but I think this is a step in the wrong direction. As long as he goes through with it, though, I’d love to be proven wrong…

    I don’t agree with the “if you don’t like it, don’t play it” argument, at least in this case. This is a matter of someone having paid money for a faulty product, and the fact that he’d go this far likely says much about how much he wants to see the game improved. I don’t know, I’ve never heard of the guy before now.

    • IDK what country you’re in, but yeah trading standards is something you should know about. They’re there to keep you safe. In the past I’ve had to contact them about mmos that refused to close down subscriptions, apparently due to ‘bugs’ in their systems. But in the end after many complaints they refused to pay back the money taken from me, LOTRO was the most infamous they took nearly £200 in subscription fees from me once. It wasn’t til trading standards got involved that they started working with me.

      He obviously loves this game and is frustrated so I def agree. However I don’t think two months is long enough to fix the game. But EA could end up getting a serious kick up their ass if Trading standards take it seriously.

  • Ive been playing this game since the very first one and despite everything I still love it and have no problems when they (EA) feel the need to fix things as they are presented to them. Not all of use suffer from the same issues but proactive patches are cool with me. Just someone else stated “if you don’t like the game or the way things are done STOP PLAYING IT” use your money for others things

  • Good luck with that. Sorry but 359 bugs is not as much as most games and that’s not counting the ones people do experience. I know people love and feel the need to improve it but it’s not like there not trying to. I’m not saying he’s in the wrong he is in a way right but sadly that’s just reality of things. Play other games, and experience other companies. A lot of them don’t give updates every month. Good luck!

    • That would be 359 commonly known bugs. There are WAY more in the game. He is giving them a reasonable amount of time to fix their mistakes. And those games that have more bugs than The Sims 4 do not cost ~$50.00 (+ ~$460.00 for all of the DLC).

    • You’re right, a lot of them don’t update every month. They update every WEEK. 359 COMMONLY known bugs is disgusting for a triple A game that costs $60; every exp. pack costs $52, every game pack is $26, and the stuff packs are $13. I did the math for you, and if you own all the content (up to seasons) you have spent a total of $658 on this game. That is an absolutely enormous amount of money to have given a company who you believed would make a product you could enjoy. Saying “it’s not like they’re not trying to” in NOT an excuse. They are one of the BIGGEST companies in the world. I’ll tell you right now, they are NOT trying to fix anything. They work at their own pace and don’t take into account the millions of players who experience their broken game. THEY. DO. NOT. CARE. ABOUT. YOU. All they care about is your money. And if you know as much about games like you seem to act like you do, then you would know that EA is notoriously known for trying to “scam” as many people out of as much money as possible. They are NOT a good company and they don’t deserve praise, respect, or defense. All they will ever care about is your money, and how they can get the most of it by doing as little as possible. There are still many companies who actually still care about their games, their players, and their reputation. EA is not one of them.

  • I think that for the expense of the games and various DLCs, something should be done. But threatening to take money from the developers and fix teams feels counterproductive. They need paid by their company to pay there bills and live their lives.
    If you can live through the bugs, play the games you love. If you can’t, stop playing. The loss of your individual funding is your way of saying you disapprove, along with contacting support to let them know of your decision and reasoning and BUGS. Have you reported your own bugs so they know what to look for? Have you sent them your error reports, system information, screenshots? If you’re the only one with that particular problem, it may never be addressed. Please, report your problems.
    All of that being said, the Sims team could reach out to the modding community for a hand. They mod fixes for the games they love BECAUSE they love them. I’m sure there are enough out there that would be willing to help out. Hell, you could even offer them a trip to the studio to help onsite! Any of us would love the opportunity! I’m sure the murders would too. Maybe allow one of their creations to be a freebie giveaway in the fix update with a credit in the description. That would be giving them permanent acknowledgment to the whole world that they were cool enough to help out in their free time just to see the game they love so much improve for everyone.
    There are some amazing modders in the community. There’s one guy who seems to focus on converting old content, like a bedroom set from TS2 to TS4 or a kitchen and bathroom set from TSMed to TS4. (Because we love ALL of your content you’ve created over the years and hate when we have to give it up to play a new iteration.) There are others that focus on coding fixes, or just BuyMode, or just BuildMode, or just Neighborhood maps and changes!
    SimsGurus, ask around. We support you.

  • I didn’t even notice any bugs with wallpapers recentley, only my sims freezing from time to time (and it is certainley a couple of mods I use) a simple “resetsim” helps with that… the oh so scary and triggering bugs somehow went past me. Surely not that noticable like when an entire face of the AC Unity protagonist was missed lefting only eyeballs and jaw ” But I looove you…”

  • All I read was “I exspect perfection” now it’s definitely a problem if everyone had every bug possible but it varies by player. How is EA supposed to control that? This person is assuming EA doesn’t test several times and that we all get every bug that’s happened. Spoiled player.

  • They’ve already shown they are committed (or at least trying to) to fixing the bugs! I think the new update proved this. Every game has bugs/glitches. No one is making you play it! If it bothers you that much then stop. Reporting it could ruin the game for the rest of us.

  • Wow, that’s some serious butthurt he’s got there. He should see a proctologist ASAP.

    He’s clearly never played TS3. Or any Bethesda game. Or Mass Effect Andromeda. Or No Man’s Sky.
    TS4 pales in comparison to those.

  • Well, there’s this thing here in the T&C, “EA DOES NOT WARRANT AGAINST INTERFERENCE WITH YOUR ENJOYMENT OF THE PRODUCT OR EA SERVICE; THAT THE EA SERVICE WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS; THAT OPERATION OF THE EA SERVICE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR FREE FROM ERRORS, BUGS, CORRUPTION, LOSS,…” (copy/pasted from the actual T&C)). I don’t know if the complaint will get far because of it. I can neither support nor condemn this individual’s decision because I know there is no guarantee, and every user’s experience will vary, and it’s impossible to please everyone, just as one of the Guru’s said. On a side note: Is there a law like Godwin’s Law where sooner or later someone will compare someone, or something, to “the entitled” Millennials generation? Meanwhile, I’m still playing TS4.

  • i don`t know what he is talking about,but he will never win,not everybody exsperience his trouble,like lag,i don`t have any building lag,sometimes it is also on the other end problems,like a clean computer,or updated one…..

  • Games have bugs. That’s just how it works. Would it be cool if the game had zero existing bugs? Yes, but I’ve never heard of such a beast. And if he thinks Sims 4 is buggy, I wonder how he felt about Sims 3?

  • I mean, they never bothered to fix a pretty significant bug with Sims 3: World Adventures where Pangu’s Axe would randomly disappear from your inventory permanently and that was a pretty big problem for WA. If you really love something, you should be able to recognize when it’s not up to par and hold it to appropriate standards. Sims bugs going unresolved has been a problem for years now. Clearly it’s time to actually call them on this.

  • This isn’t even news. Someone decides to be obnoxious and whiney.. and it’s reported on? Please stop trying to get clicks and views.

  • This is a Big step for an individual to take…. Why.. ? Its rather silly – I think… Buggy – what ?- compare it to Sims 3, Now That was Buggy…. Since most Games are like this Now days- continually updating. I hope his research is extensive …
    Good Luck to him… ( I don’t agree with him )

    Its a shame people think like this these days, Why can’t he just wait, or fix his own bugs…I don’t know this person. I don’t want to criticize them.

    I like EA and Sims 4, I feel that this guy is goin over the top..

    His thoughts do NOT represent most People that play Sims 4…

  • i appreciate his effort 100% seeing I’ve been a simmer since 2000 when sims first released so if you don’t know the passion as US TRUE SIM Player’s YOU SHOULD HUSH UP AND BACK OFF ….and realize people just want us to havr a beeter playing experience like any other gamer on their fave game so read stuff before you comment and if you have nothing supportive or issues you’d like to see fixed… shut the fork up shirt…you’re welcome that i kept it PG for kids

  • Okay, you got your views. The tweet’s been deleted and the person that made said tweet is no longer active on Twitter. The person has severe issues with being bipolar. Just be a good person and delete this.
    It isn’t news and never was.

  • My question is, what game doesn’t have bugs? What computer software doesn’t have bugs?, Some out there may want a perfect game, well it is not going to happen, so you have to learn to be patient, they are doing the best that they can, and they are only *Human*, I’ve been around computers and the earlier games since 1985, and of how it appears to me, I’m getting the opinion that this individual doesn’t, like the game, which to me than don’t play it and this is uncalled for, and as far as that this individual is not posting, yes they did. One of my favorite cheats was taken away, don’t see me going around ranting about it and making threats and to me that was a threat, sorry but their’s better ways to deal with things, and even if some one might have issues, their is still ways to go around the situation without making it appear that you are threatening someone. It’s called Common Sense, and of what I have been seeing lately a lot of people don’t use it anymore, instead people just go off, make assumptions, make threats etc. Why ruin it for those that enjoy the game? The Sims game relaxes me personally, with building homes etc.

  • I understand where he is coming from, maybe I’m just lucky. I havnt really ever run into that many bugs in the sims 4 in the 4 years I’ve been playing it. I have the wallpaper bug but it’s not as bad as it was since I turned some graphics settings down. Console has major bugs, if pc players think pc is bad they should take a look at console.